Andrew’s story in his own words

Andrew Morgans
Andrew Morgans - Serial Entrepreneur

My story is not traditional, and I share it so people can understand what our company is all about, and feel inspired to chase their own goals and passions.

My story starts in Montreal, Quebec where I was born. My parents were there at an immersion school learning French, to take it to French Africa as soon as they could.

Bounced from Montreal, to Kansas City, MO and by the time I was three years old, we had moved to Cameroon, and my African childhood begins here.

Imagine having an African soul, with ginger hair, and pale skin. I have never had problems fitting in….

Cameroon was “BUSH” as they called it, probably the Africa that many of you imagine in your heads. Memories consist of riding four deep on a small dirt bike to get through the brush and to save on gas. I’m pretty sure we went halfway up Kilimanjaro on it.


We lived in a cement hut without AC or even screens on the windows. Many times we would find knives, spears, or tarantulas outside the house after our guard dogs had patrolled the night.

My dogs were later poisoned by thieves that wanted to get past them.

Andrew Morgans
Andrew Morgans and his Sister Veronika Morgans, with dad, Douglas, in Cameroon

Our friends had a pet chimpanzee named Shelly. Things were different in those times okay. Animal rights, the internet, “knowledge” in general was at a different pace.

One memory I will never forget, we were headed to another remote village and it was already dark. It was several hours away and somewhere along the way our jeep broke down. My dad is not known for his automotive prowess, however this particular day he could have been mistaken for Indiana Jones.

Andrew Morgans
Andrew Morgans - Watchmework

Worried that he would have his family stuck out in the bush, after dark, exposed he started thinking outside of the box.

The belt had gone bad, and there aren’t stores nearby, or triple A to come save you. Only your wits and fast thinking and the tools you brought with you. To fix the Jeep, my dad ended up cutting up strips of the spare tire, to act as a makeshift belt to limp us to the next town.

I’d like to think it was moments like these, that taught me the skills I use today in entrepreneurship. How to make something out of nothing, and how to repurpose and be resourceful.

After Cameroon, came Botswana, and Russia. My parents were teaching English with Christian curriculum and me and my sisters just tagged along for the ride.
Andrew Morgans
Andrew Morgans on tour. Where he really learned the need for very strong branding

I still can’t understand how there was a KFC, miles and miles in the middle of nowhere in the desert of Botswana. Africa is a strange place, and many of my memories I can’t remember if they are real or simply dreams I have had over and over.

While Botswana and Russia were mostly peaceful experiences there were things that happened there that I will never forget.

  • The Russian police trying to bang down our door
  • Seeing a woman hit by a car in the street, the car drive off and no one, on a crowded street ran to help her. She died in the street alone.
  • The circus and ballet costing .50 cents
  • The subways would be lined wall to wall with the homeless. Some of them just left for dead.
  • When we first arrived in Moscow, the airport was burning. Huge flames were billowing from inside our terminal, my mom was screaming at immigration to get her kids away from the smoke and fire, but they were refusing because of us being American.
  • In Botswana. The insects flew in massive amounts and were about an inch or more long. Shedding their wings and burrowing in the sand. It was crazy to see teachers participate as well.
  • Another time in Botswana, I was playing in the compound outside with my friend Robinson. He was an adopted refugee and my best friend at the time. We were playing cops and robbers when an army helicopter flew over the compound. We raised our toy guns and shouted bang, wasn’t long before the helicopter circles, and flew dangerously low to us boys. Shouting and threatening that if we ever did it again they would kill us next time.

We would visit family in Kansas City, sometimes there long enough to go to a semester of school. Me and my sisters would live with my grandparents who had a church in Kansas City, while my parents would raise money to go back to Africa and travel the country.

We were in Kansas City, for a couple years somewhere between 10 - 12 years old. My timelines are a blur, probably because I don’t have “grades” really to differentiate my years in time.

After Kansas City, my dad sold everything that we owned. Packed up our lives into a few suitcases and we were going to the DRC. Democratic Republic of Congo. Unlike our other missions appointments, there were no missionaries there to receive us. We were 100% on our own, in the most dangerous place on earth pre 9/11. At least that is what the US Marines that were stationed there told me.

The first night that we stayed there, I had over 150 bug bites, my mom didn’t sleep through the night. We woke up to a HUGE spider in the shower that probably was larger than my hand. We had to find a new place to stay, or I was going to go into shock from the bites.

My dad called a wonderful Muslim lady we had met on the plane. Madam Malika, who graciously offered one of her homes to us.

Andrew Morgans
One of my favorite days in Thailand, it was after this trip that Marknology really started growing. We made several pivotal decisions after this trip.

We had been settled for a few weeks, when my dad asked me to go on a walk with him around the neighborhood to get a lay of the land. Typical practice for us to see what we could discover and any chance to get out of the house.

We had probably walked a few miles, before a car rolled up beside us.

A gun was protruding through the window and they told us to get in. It was the police, and they were robbing us.

They argued with my dad in French, I didn’t understand what was going on.

They stayed with us most of the day, still arguing with my dad but driving us outside the city. I don’t remember all of it, it was pretty traumatic. However it ended with them taking everything but our passports, and they dumped us outside of Kinshasa (12 million + city). We were without money, or a phone, my dad was shaking and crying when they left. I had never seen my dad afraid before. We started walking, and finally found a man willing to take us all the way back into the city (You couldn’t buy gas back then, and 99% of the city is unemployed). He took us on trust, believing that we would pay once we got home.

Some more Congo Highlights:

  • The city was under siege, and unemployment was at an all time high. We went to a church event that my dad was invited to on New Years Eve. It was held at an old Beglian Soccer stadium that was still being used. They stopped letting people in a few hours after it began, as the stadium had reached maximum capacity. Myself, Veronika and my dad were the only ones that went this time. My sister Brooklyn was too young, and my mom was sick with malaria. We were the only 3 white people amongst thousands upon thousands of Congolese.
  • They took us down to the middle of the field to sit with the other pastors as the stadium started filling up. They were singing and dancing like a performance only fit for thousands of people. Once they told the people there was no more room, and shut the gates. Rioting started.
  • The gates broke down, and the people outside the stadium started rushing the field. That moment was one of the scariest moments in my life. The pastor with security holding people back from overrunning the little platform, grabbed the microphone from the singers and sat cross legged on the ground. He then asked everyone else in the stadium to do the same and asked them to remain peaceful. Several minutes later, we were escorted to safety.
  • Rats the size of dogs
  • Playing video games frequently with mercenaries that worked for President Kabila.
  • Those same mercenaries, shot and robbed.
  • We held handfuls of raw uncut diamonds, Uranium, mercury, you name it. Congo has it.
  • I would frequently go with my dad to exchange US Dollars on the black market. 14 years old, and carrying thousands of dollars under my clothes. Weaving through dark rooms, and alleys to end up at a desk with a lady looking like a kingpin willing to exchange money with us.
I would frequently go with my dad to exchange US Dollars on the black market. 14 years old, and carrying thousands of dollars under my clothes.

I have stories on stories just like this one, but there is more I took from Africa than just fear, and trauma.

Being raised in Africa taught me how to be happy with nothing, how to treat others with respect regardless of their income level, and to never think of myself as a victim. NO ONE OWES ME ANYTHING. It is up to me to go get it if I want it.

Andrew Morgans
Most beautiful things, beautiful moments, take place after something not so beautiful. Kind of like mudding with elephants.

I learned to not take what I have been given for granted. Things like my white skin, being American, having opportunity.

Andrew Morgans
Dakota is inside the box...however what I learned on tour, is that thinking outside the box is really the difference maker in business.

My thankfulness started early. Thankful for ice cream, and clean water. Thankful for my family, when we had nothing else.

Thankful for medicine, and air conditioning, thankful for the ability to have three jobs if I need them.

I learned how to never give up on something just because it is hard. There is almost always a way if you think outside the box.

My upbringing, while traumatic, set me up to embrace change, to be grateful in everything and to be WIRED for entrepreneurship.

My life has been full of adventure and life’s learnings ever since Africa. It most definitely did not end there.

  • Being African, but red headed as a junior in high school. It wasn’t easy for me. I was picked on, and fought often.
  • I didn’t understand social norms, or how to talk to girls.
  • I started my junior year with 0 credits. They made a deal with me where if I passed an upper level class, they would give me credit for the pre-qualifying classes. So, instead of “work release” like a lot of other seniors. I was working after school for credit hours, taking classes with the “trouble kids” to get additional credit, and taking classes I had no reason to be taking. My homeschooling or even Christian schooling didn’t match up exactly to public schools in the US. The “SYSTEM” made me feel dumb because I didn’t know how to pass their tests.
  • Moved to Hawaii, and started going to community college. I knew how to “act” American a little better, and Hawaii was a little easier for me than Kansas City.
  • 3 Years in Hawaii, then we moved back to Kansas City, to take care of my grandparents that were needing help.
  • I transferred to Park University, and tried out for a band on craigslist.
  • Little did I know I would be in that band for the next 4 years, would tour all over the United States, and had essentially started my first business.
Andrew Morgans
My time as an E-Commerce Manager in corporate America really gave me a unique perspective on the challenges brands where facing in regards to selling on Amazon

After I graduated from Park University with a Bachelors in Computer Science (Paid my own way), tired of being poor as a musician, I took a job at Mastercard, as a NOC Technician.

I was making more money than I ever had, but hated going from touring the US, creating music and running a business essentially to sitting in a dark cube waiting on networks to break or need fixed.


I needed a change.

My issue here was that I knew A WHOLE LOT, about the outside world compared to most people. BUT. I didn’t know Andrew Morgans.
Andrew Morgans

What I did know is that IT, at least as far as I knew at this point was not for me. Mastercard seemed like a place where IT people go to die. My soul was dying.

Change happened when I got married, and moved to Tampa Florida. I took a job at an E-Commerce startup.

E-Commerce, equal parts marketing, and technology was a perfect fit for me. The competition of it was just what I had been looking for in a career, and an innovating business landscape kept my need for change at bay as it is impossible to get bored as rapidly as e-commerce changes.

While I was finding success at this startup, my new marriage was struggling. In my mind everything was going right. I had the good job and had just gotten four promotions. I was renting us a house five minutes from the beach, we had a nice car, you know “Happiness”. What wasn’t working was my marriage. She was miserable and didn’t like living in Tampa. The move, all the change, me working all the time, she was unhappy and asked me to move us back to Kansas City. So I did.

I moved us back to Kansas City, and found a job immediately as an E-Commerce manager. It was a step up and I was excited to see what I could learn.

Then she left me. I had never been more devastated in my life. Embarrassed, depressed, ashamed for my part in it all. I was in debt from moving back and forth, and the down time between jobs. I decided to focus my efforts on getting my finances right, at least it would give me something to focus on.

Work for Yourself

I made several million dollars for that company, but they wouldn’t listen to my ideas, and rewarded me with a .20 cent raise.

False Promises, and not Investing in me

Promising me training, employees, raises, equipment but never backing it up.

I was tired of driving for two hours in traffic every single day. I was tired of only getting two weeks of vacation a year. Tired of being broke and unable to live without stress around finances, and most importantly tired of following leaders that didn’t have my respect. I didn’t care about owning a business or being an entrepreneur, what I wanted was freedom.

Don't make excuses

I didn’t make excuses or waste any time complaining. Instead I started reading financial blogs, then freelancing, and not long after quickly rose to one of the internet’s top E-Commerce / Amazon consultants.

Several months later, I leaped and started my own ECommerce Agency, Marknology. Marknology has worked with over 300+ brands worldwide, achieved partner status with Amazon as an Advertising agency, and currently employs 12+ Kansas Citians.

It is one thing to be good at something, and be a successful freelancer or consultant. It is something else entirely to scale an agency, and build a team.

Every single time I took a step I wasn’t ready. I never knew what I was doing. Still don’t. I’m convinced that no one knows what they are doing.

What I do know. Is that I refuse to settle for a life that isn’t absolutely full. Full of happiness, freedom, love, joy, passion, creativity, authenticity, hope, possibilities, dreams.

Andrew Morgans

Milennial Santa

I continue to take steps into areas unknown to me, and yes I am afraid every single time.

  • Modelling - Did this for fun to conquer some of my insecurities I carried since childhood about my appearance.
  • Speaking - I used to shake uncontrollably when I’d get on stage or have a microphone in my hand. As of 2019, I have spoke several dozen times across the United States.
  • Ideas - People used to laugh at my ideas. Now I charge several hundred dollars an hour for a strategy session
  • Launched a clothing company
  • Launched a property management business
  • Launched a logistics business
  • Mentoring - I started mentoring other students at UMKC. Something about helping others that fuels me. In 2019, I received mentor of the year at the UMKC Business Bloch for Entrepreneurship.

I hope that by sharing my unorthodox story, and some of my failures or speed bumps something speaks to you. Focus on what makes your eyes light up and your hands get sweaty and push yourself to your absolute limits.

No one cares, so quit worrying about what they think. Follow your heart and let’s change the way we live.

Live intentionally and with purpose. Nothing will make you feel more alive than living a life by design.

I am relentless, and you can be too.
Andrew Morgans


Born in Montreal to American missionaries


Moved to Cameroon, Africa


Moscow, Russia


Botswana, Africa


Kansas City, MO


Congo, Africa - Moved to one of the most dangerous countries on earth at the time.


Move back to Kansas City at age 16. Dad was deathly ill, with an unknown disease that was shutting down his kidneys. We had the military blackmail us before getting on the plane home.


Graduated from Liberty Hight School


Moved to Honolulu, Hawaii


Started College at University of Hawaii


Family emergency moves us back to Kansas City, 3 years later.


Try out for local Christian band off craigslist. My first startup of sorts. Band later becomes the worship band for Hillsong Kansas City .
During Hawaii and Park University years.

Retail sales at:
  • Surf shop
  • Landscaper
  • Bartender at numerous restaurants
  • Pro painter

  • Warehouse worker at UPS
  • Security guard at Ameristar
  • Denied by Best Buy Geek squad
  • Denied job as customer service rep at CitiBank.


Finish Bachelors of Science at Park University while touring.


After years of playing music, tired of being broke, I used my degree and was hired at MasterCard Global.


Had learned enough at the MasterCard Noc, to be outperforming most of the office. The long hours, and seclusion, with little creativity was drowning my spirit. From touring the nation to sitting in a cube waiting on things to break.


Got married.


Had learned enough at the MasterCard Noc, to be outperforming most of the office. The long hours, and seclusion, with little creativity was drowning my spirit. From touring the nation to sitting in a cube waiting on things to break.


Received four raises in 12 months, as I was introduced to E-Commerce


Moved back to Kansas City.


Started working at US TOY, Ecommerce manager


Divorced, hit rock bottom. Broke. Alone.


In debt from divorce and moving across the country. I started researching how to make extra money on the side.


Quickly rose to top 10 ecommerce freelancer on some of the worlds top freelancing sites.


Left US TOY.


Launched Marknology - An Amazon Brand Accelerator.


Launched aKCo. - A Kansas City Company.


Bought first Air B n B.


Launched “Marknology Fulfillment”


Launched 21st Air B n B

Every single time I took a step I wasn’t ready. I never knew what I was doing. Still don’t.