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A man is the sum of his actions, of what he has done, of what he can do, Nothing else.
John Galsworthy

I want to be known as a man of action. A man from unconventional origins, that made the impossible seem possible in those that encountered him. A man not confined by the way things have always been, but how they could be.

Andrew Morgans (Amazon Expert)

Andrew Morgans

Five years ago I went all in on myself. I didn’t know one single friend of mine that was involved in running a business. Now they know my name all around the world.

Andrew Morgans

Entrepreneurship is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Which is exactly why I love it. If you know, then you know. I don’t have to defend that statement.

Andrew Morgans

If you do not exercise the freedoms you have, and give yourself a chance to experience more than you think you’re selling yourself short

I work hard to create freedom in my life, and if I don’t use that freedom, the sacrifice is wasted. I think about that every day that I don’t “feel” like giving 100%. “Andrew, don’t disrespect yourself and the work you’ve put in.” - Sometimes. I say it out loud.

Keep your “why” in sight. If you don’t know your why...

think harder.

Think until you find it.

Put in the mental work. Ask yourself the hard questions. Sleep.

Then think some more.

There is NOTHING more important in this life, than knowing who you really are, and where you wanna go.

Andrew Morgans

Ecombootcamp with Shannon Roddy

Think differently. Challenge your beliefs. Challenge your friends. Challenge your family and religion. Challenge the status quo.

Anything that’s real can withstand the challenge and will be stronger for it.

If one of you changes your thinking, even slightly, for the better because of listening to me and starts following your pursuits with relentlessness. It’s been worth it.
Andrew Morgans

Andrew Morgans

What you put in your mind and body, is what comes out.
Radically change how you speak to yourself through your thoughts, and out loud to others. We can call it the for fun since it’s trending. Practice 30 days of no self doubt, no self shame, no self judgement. I bet the results would be almost unmeasurable.

In fact I have already bet on it.
Andrew Morgans

When I started helping brands sell on Amazon 7+ years ago, the thought of a conference that was specifically about selling on Amazon hadn’t even been dreamed up. Much less me being one of the main speakers on stage. I truly believe there are only a few hundred people in the world that have the knowledge to help brands sell on Amazon at a top tier level. I was honored to be here, and am headed home back to my city energized. I’m full of ideas, and even more confident to go all in on me and my team.

Andrew Morgans

A podcast with Joel Goldberg.

Since I started Marknology and Landlocked I have been pouring all of the profits from my businesses right back into the business. Not taking more than just what I need to pay my bills.

For me to get up on stage, in a city that’s not mine, and get paid to speak about a subject that I’ve self taught, is a very scary and intimidating thought. Its not like a university validated my expertise in amazon consulting and gave me a degree. Am I enough? Most of my nerves today came other experts being in the room and not wanting to seem less than in their eyes.

Andrew Morgans Quotes

Entrepreneurship is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Which is exactly why I love it.
Just put your head down, stop whining (even to yourself), and get to work.
The battle is, and always has been, internal.
Overthinking and over complicating things has always been a habit I’ve tried to break. But how does anyone solve the hard questions of life and our lives if we don’t think long and hard though?
Your best friend is YOU. Build him up, encourage him, love on him, believe in him, and trust him.
Before you can go all-in in something, you have to get to a place where betting on yourself truly feels like the best option.
Some people are like, I don’t wanna give away my trade secrets...well that just sounds to me like anyone can do what you do. Not to mention you have a scarcity mindset.
Many brands approach #amazon with fear. They’ve read something scary, they’ve tried and failed or simply haven’t even investigated it yet. I’m here to bring knowledge, and challenge those fears.
Someone that really wants something. That has a plan. That’s taking even the smallest action forward day after day. Is unstoppable. Relentless.
We’re our own worst enemy and our greatest friend. Learn yourself, spend time with yourself, invest in yourself, and you’ll be surprised where you end up.
If you’re feeling stuck. If you’re having anxiety. If you can’t let go of control. Just remember that everything starts with authenticity and honesty with yourself.
Life has been screaming to me about how short it is. Remember to never take a day for granted.
I’m a believer that what you say out loud, and what you speak out can and will become your reality.


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