Who are we ?

We are a full - service Amazon Brand Accelerator with a proven selling system for launching products on Amazon with remarkable results. Our team of experts has more than 20,000 combined hours of experience on Amazon .

What do we do ?

We are here to guide you from strategic product launch to brand management smoothly through the complexities of Amazon platform .
We have the tools and expertise to help your brand experience exponential growth on the world's largest e-commerce platform .

Amazon Brand Management Agency

I created Marknology because of the huge demand I saw in the e-commerce space. My team has allowed me to grow and optimize our strategies and techniques pushing us from a fledgling business to an industry leader. Let's grab coffee and connect!
I love building a business while helping other businesses grow. I also embrace the opportunity to be a mentor for other women. You can find me outside in a field of flowers playing make believe, or in a club in Berlin exploring and embracing the music.
Director of Client Services
My obsession with E-commerce began when I truly started to understand the Flywheel effect. Knowing how the strategies we employ, no matter how small contribute to the success of my company and yours; makes every hour of every workday feel like the final quarter.
Creative Director
Photography is my passion. I’ve been the girl with a camera since I could hold one. As the resident photographer, I use my photography skills every day to bring Marknology products to life on Amazon, turning customer clicks into sales dollars. I can't wait to get your product behind the lens.
Advertising and Account Manager Exert
Father of 2 wonderful girls. I worked 13 years in the restaurant industry, running restaurants. Seeing how everything is moving to e-commerce felt like it was time to make a change. Glad to be working with family.
Account Manager and Listing Expert
I am a recent graduate from Kansas State University (Go Cats!) with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing. Originally I started my journey with Marknology as an Intern in the summers of my Junior and Senior years of college. I knew this place was the place I wanted to work after my internship experience. I knew that I didn't want to be a part of a company that barely valued their employees or knew their employee's names. Marknology is the place to work because I feel valued and respected at all times!
Mom (Lynn)
Office Admin
I love taking care of the people that I love, and what better than getting to work with my kids. I love working at a place where the environment revolves around change and innovation. These guys are so outside the box, and on top of all of the trends. I get to bring my experience with years of experience in customer care to the team and make sure everything and everyone is taken care of.
College Intern
Storefront and A+ page Expert
I do a lot but, at the core of it all, I am here to foster human connection. From the opera stage, I make fantastical stories of that connection resonate with everyday people and I do the same thing here at Marknology. For each piece of digital advertisement I create, my pure focus is making something as beautiful as music is to hear and that resonates with each individual like their favorite song.
Dad (Doug)
SEO Copy Expert
Being able to partner with Marknology has given me the ability to work closely with my kids. (Well it did before Covid19!) Funny that all of them are my bosses! Seriously though, if one has to work, what better place than with family?
This role has also reconnected my passion for writing. I am able to tell the story of a client's brand. Professionally, the idea that a 'widget will work wonders' is appealing and I really enjoy being a part of our client's success.
Social Media & Branding Specialist
Photography is more than snapping photos. It is telling a story, without words. I never thought this passion for pictures would bring me here, but it did and I’m glad. Our Amazon business partners are hardworking, innovative, and determined. I’m happy and proud to team with you to capture your brand’s authenticity and reveal your story.
Social Media & Branding Specialist
Taking photography from a passion to my work life is a dream come true. I originally came on as a high school intern, to now being a Social Media and Branding Specialist here at Marknology. My job is make sure your brand tells the product story clearly through the use of imagery. My team and I are passionate about taking your images to the next level, whether that is on Amazon or social media. I am proud and grateful for each experience that comes from helping our clients reach their full potential.
Warehouse Manager
I’m originally from the east coast, and I’ve been living in Kansas city for about 2 years. My past experience consists of numerous warehouse positions. I am really excited to grow here at Marknology. And gain more knowledge about seller central and warehouse management systems. Whether it’s working with my hands or working from the computer, I’m ready to work. When not at work, I enjoy time with my friends and going to concerts.
I love sparkles and Software. Every day I get to do something I’m passionate about ; in the environment that allows me to innovate and have a voice. There is a genuine spirit of humanity, love and support at Marknology. It’s a family. When I’m not designing and developing e-commerce websites, I enjoy beekeeping,reading and eating tacos . "The path is made by walking” is my motto .
Grew up in Colorado and love new adventures, that is why I moved to Kansas City for more opportunities and adventure! I love spending time outdoors hiking and riding my bike! I also like to garden in my free time. I have an easy going personality that makes it easy for me to connect with with people on multiple levels. I value a team that is hard working and can come together for a bigger purpose, and that is why Marknology is a great fit for me. I have learned so much about Amazon and the E-commerce platform. I thrive on challenges and connecting with clients that have a goal of growing their business on Amazon.
Maximus Hook
Creating is my passion, from taking pictures to designing Amazon content any form of creating tangible art I'm diving all in! I interned at Markrnology when I was a senior in high school and the opportunity truly changed my life. As a senior, I had plans of college and dreams of acquiring a college degree. As the pandemic rapidly changed our social and business climate I was forced to adapt and sought an opportunity with a familiar face, Makrnology. They provided me the opportunity to empower myself and my dreams, here I am able to do what I love in the form of Amazon brand acceleration whilst I continue to free-lance in my own time creating my own forms of digital and physical art!

Our team is about storytelling
… in a way that is accurate , authentic and engaging . We are a team of thinkers that love collaboration and love producing results. We are not a typical Amazon brand management agency . We are obsessed with digital strategy . So much so that we have been asked on multiple occasions to speak , setting ourselves apart as thought leaders in the modern Amazon randing space . We have yet to find an agency with more experience or passion . branding and marketing is more than a website , social media or your physical location . It is about how the public feels after they interact with your brand . That is what determines what your Amazon brand is . The feeling that they are left with is the true story of your brand . Marknology is a certified Amazon Advertising Partner and full service Amazon brand accelerator that knows how to drive revenue and create brand loyalty within the world’s largest ecommerce platform . We’ve grown companies by 80% in less than a month . With over 20 years of experience , we believe that our team can successfully partner with you , to make your vision for your company a reality and to make you even more proud of the company you are presenting to the world .