Amazon wasn't exactly voted the best place to work, but they were ranked first on LinkedIn as the most sought after place to work in the United States, in 2018. 

Amazon has also been making headline news surrounding it's company policies. They have been under scrutiny about compensation and workplace safety for the last year. It's not all bad news though since they're obviously able to employ an army-sized workforce. Amazon has created hundreds of thousands of jobs for people around the world since opening it's literal garage doors in 1994. Amazon has changed the online shopping and shipping game along with stimulating economies around the world. In 2018, Amazon created 135,000 new jobs in transportation and warehousing positions last year alone, according to the company's data. So, what exactly is going on within the company that is causing such a roar within the media?

Amazon employees have been making their voices and concerns known this year through the use of protests, social media, and undercover investigations. The Amazon workforce is wanting to be heard. Articles have surfaced from around about workplace conditions, safety, and compensation for its employees. There have been rumored stories about the type of environment that employees have to work in. Whether there is any truth to these stories, Amazon is being looked at by society through a magnifying glass. Don't get me wrong, this e-commerce behemoth has been through the media ringer this year but, they have created an entirely new workforce that is taking over the world.

In 2018, Amazon raised its minimum wage from federal standards of $7.25/hr to $15.00/hr and challenged its competitors to do the same. Amazon is known for its cutting edge tactics and this is just one of them. This year Amazon will have a workforce of almost a million people that are scattered throughout the world. No matter what side of this topic you are on, we all have to agree that Amazon is beginning to monopolize the warehouse and shipping industry. So this labor day, take a minute to say thank you to an Amazon worker or leave a special treat out when you get that text that your package is arriving.


Thats all the tea for now!

-Rachel d'Autremont

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