Crush your Amazon Sales by Ranking Higher

Crush your Amazon Sales by Ranking Higher

Crush your Amazon Sales by Ranking Higher 

When crushing sales on Amazon, getting your product on page one is the fastest way to accomplish it. Did you know that over 80% of sales happen on page 1 of Amazon's search results?  

Therefore, ranking highly on Amazon makes your product more likely to convert into sales!

Why? Simply because buyers aren’t going to crawl through multiple search results pages to find the product they’re looking for. If you’re not in the top three or five pages, your beautiful product will only be seen by yourself!

So, before we jump into how to rank like a pro, let’s see how the algorithm works.

Amazon’s Product Search Algorithm (A9)

First, don’t assume that because you’ve worked with Google’s algorithm, you’re going to implement the same strategies on the retail giant Amazon. Sorry to tell you but, Amazon’s product search algorithm is completely different. 

While Google’s algorithm is configured to provide readers with the most relevant information, Amazon’s Product Search works on this basic principle: selling products. Therefore, it is designed to put products at the top that are most likely to be purchased.

It arranges the order in which products are displayed to shoppers in the search result through a two-step process:

  • First, it pulls up the most optimal matches based on how the product has performed with customers in the past. In simple words, those products with proven sales history and conversion rates will be prioritized.
  •  Second, it ranks these products according to the item’s relevancy based on how well a product matches the search. Properly optimized products will show up first.


As you can see, the algorithm is based on two main factors -performance and relevancy- which we will be covering next.

So, let’s start with the first pillar: Performance

1. Sales Performance History

The algorithm analyzes sales metrics over time, so products with higher conversion rates and sales velocity, will tend to show up first. 

Pro Tip: Set the strategic pricing for your product based on previous competitive landscape analysis and experiment with Amazon’s pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. You can also run a giveaway promotion or offer a percentage off. 

2. Conversion Rate

Visitors that ended up buying items after clicking on its product detail page, make them rank better. 

Pro Tip: Invest in professional product photography to demonstrate the quality of your product and brand.

3. Customer Reviews

Good reviews are the secret to boosting Amazon sales since over 90% of shoppers read them before making their final decision. Product photos and descriptions are great to capture people’s interest, but reviews are what makes them trust the product! 

With trusted feedback software like FeedbackFive, you can proactively send messages asking customers to leave a product review, seller feedback, or both, while still complying with Amazon policies. 

Pro Tip: Use the “Request a Review Button” on the Order Details page of your product.

 Let’s now jump to the second pillar: Relevance

Your product or listing should be telling the algorithm that it’s relevant to the people performing a specific search query. To do so, you’ll need to optimize your listings to increase traffic and conversions.

This is how:

1. Strategic Title

The product title is not only important to shoppers to identify what is being sold, but it’s also crucial to keyword ranking, as the keywords within the title should match the terms buyers are searching for.

Pro tip: Include the most valuable keywords that drive the higher traffic in your title.

2. Correct Bullet-Points

This is where you provide potential buyers with digestible information about your product and should also include your keywords.

Pro Tip: Highlight the core features and benefits of your product and ask yourself what sets you apart from your competitors. 

3.Product Description

A study performed by MediaMind analyzed 24,000 websites across 6 months and discovered that multimedia content boosted impressions by 3x

That is why we advise you to use Amazon A+ Content - a brand registry feature - that allows brand owners to change their product descriptions to rich multimedia content that’s way more attractive to potential buyers.

This not only offers a more sophisticated online shopping experience, but it’s also a proven strategy to increase traffic, customer trust, and overall conversion rates!

Pro Tip:  Add detailed descriptions, comparison charts, high-quality videos, enhanced images, and custom copies (e.g. brand stories).

Now you know the first steps to landing your product on the top pages of Amazon’s search results!

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