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Meet Michael Weiser, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing for Exhart. Exhart is a family owned and operated company that lives to spread smiles! 


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Intro about Exhart Starting on Amazon:
When we first decided to start selling on Amazon, we added a couple of products and quickly realized that the complexity of doing it for 500 or more products would be incredibly time-consuming. And so, we realized that it's just not something we could do internally. So, we started looking for a professional firm outside of our building, because we also realized that the cost of hiring somebody internally would be prohibitive. So, I started looking for firms outside of what we normally do.

Question One: What obstacles did you face when making the decision?
A couple of obstacles being brand new to Amazon, we didn't know what to expect. We spoke with many companies that said they could handle it all. And, so we were a little gun shy about really what to expect from the companies that promised the world and maybe wouldn't be able to deliver. The discomfort of maybe having a company offsite that's not internal that we can't visit and talk to on a daily basis or whenever we want. So, some hesitation there. In terms of maybe the companies going to be across the country or something like that. And just not knowing what to expect from various companies.

Question Two: Why did you choose Marknology?
Typically talk is cheap. Everybody can sell themselves and, say they can do it all, but the proof is in the pudding. So, you know, talk is cheap. Show me. So, it's the results that really matter. When we first started on Amazon, we had used a different company that I found online, and it didn't turn out well. So, I started looking for a new company and I came across Marknology through word of mouth. So actually, my wife met someone who, whose husband used Marknology. So started the process there, started talking to them. And after talking to Marknology and many other companies, I realized Marknology was a great fit. What I liked about Marknology, Andrew and his team is that first, they're a family-run company which is great. I love the fact that they're in one location because the previous company that we used was spread out all over the country. So, in my experience with them, it was very hard to get buy-in and leadership across the organization with the other company. The fact that Marknology is located in Kansas City and all in one place, they can communicate much better and we can communicate together much better. And just speaking with Andrew and his team, you could tell that they are very knowledgeable with Amazon. Their expertise level is extremely high. And it took probably many weeks for us to make a final decision. They were very patient in dealing with me through that process.

Question Three: What is your favorite part about working with Marknology?
Not having to manage this channel myself, and, doing it internally in our company. Again, the complexity of managing Amazon is very high. So, having that team as my eyes and ears on the account at all times, I don't have to worry about it. So, it's out of sight, out of mind, pretty much but, they're always accessible when I need questions answered.

Question Four: How has your company benefited from working with Marknology?
Marknology is really like an extension of our company in Kansas City, even though we're located in Los Angeles, it has been very easy to communicate with them. The tools they use to communicate and keep us updated is fantastic. We'll use a little bit of email, but a lot of Basecamp, which is a very easy and user intuitive. It's a seamless process. It's like they're right down the street from us. Again, talk is cheap, show me, and they do what they say they're going to do. I've never had an issue with them over promising and not coming through.

Question Five: Would you recommend Marknology to others?
Absolutely. And in fact, I have. Again, they are just a quality company, a quality team to work with. The fact that they work as a team is fantastic. You can tell that they communicate and that they are very passionate about what they do. They are very forgiving with me in terms of my lack of knowledge for the Amazon process and overall e-commerce process. So, they're very patient with our weekly meetings and they explained things in a very detailed way.

Question Six: The floor is yours. What else ya got?
I've been so happy with the service that I've gotten from Marknology, I've actually asked them to do a little bit more for us. So, they have expanded and done a little bit for us on eBay, and they're actually also doing some social media for us as well.