Getting Amazon Reviews In 2022

Getting Amazon Reviews In 2022

It’s not always easy to get reviews on Amazon, but it’s not impossible.

There are some very effective ways of growing your review count on Amazon.

 Back in 2020, e-commerce experienced a dramatic surge as consumers moved from shopping in-store to shopping online. Today, in 2022, online shopping has become a lifestyle mainstay. Amazon statistics reveal that 48% of consumers shop online once a week, with 61% of consumers revealing they’re influenced by products with the best ratings and reviews. 

 As a seller launching products on Amazon, it’s imperative to your success that you know how to get reviews. You need to get them quickly, and you need to get them legally.

We know that reviews are a major influencer when it comes to consumer decision making, which is why sellers value them so highly. If you’re a new Amazon FBA seller, product reviews can either make or break you, which is why in this post we’ll be covering the best ways to get product reviews on Amazon. 

Amazon reviews are not new! They’ve always been a major factor in growing a bigger client base and influencing the success of online shopping. What may have changed, though, is that reviews have now become the principal influence for growing overall profits. Research reveals that the sales performance of a product is directly related to the number of online reviews it has received.

Did you know that improving your ratings from 4.7 to 4.8 stars can deliver a whopping 40.9% increase in conversions? That’s how important ratings are! They’re especially significant for brands that continue struggling on Amazon.

 It’s true that it’s much harder today to get reviews on Amazon, so why is this? We have a complex, competitive, and ever-changing eCommerce system, but why is it so difficult to get reviews?

Yes, it can be as easy as pressing the ‘Request a Review’ button, and just this one strategy can assist in ending a seller’s dry spell, but unfortunately there’s a lot more to it than just that.

In this post, we’ll review the best ways for Amazon sellers to achieve more product reviews in 2022. Each will be rated with an ‘effort’ score out of five and an ‘effectiveness’ score out of 5. You need to weigh each option separately because each of these methods varies in the way it’s used, and its potential outcomes.

Current Amazon sellers already know that the review process rules are constantly changing, which can be quite overwhelming. It’s also not helpful that Amazon’s program features and rules keep changing – it makes it very difficult for some brands to keep up.

Take a look at the seven methods mentioned below to get more perspective on the review process.

No. 1: Employ the Amazon Vine Program

What is Amazon Vine? The Amazon Vine Program is open to all sellers with Amazon brand-registered products that have fewer than 30 reviews. The Vine program involves a seller submitting 30 units of inventory. Products are received for free by Vine reviewers, who test the product then write a review. This program is quite similar to previous incentivized review programs which Amazon ultimately banned in late 2016. The difference is that reviewers in the program are now being vetted by Amazon.

The Amazon Vine Program is quite a unique way for reliable reviewers to share their opinion about products, thereby assisting other customers in making good buying decisions. Amazon sellers provide free products to these reviewers with a clear understanding that they’ll provide an honest review in return.

No. 2: Request a Review on the Order Details Page

Use the ‘Request a Review’ button on the Order Details page of your product. This means you can request a review for every order that appears on Seller Central. Once a product has been purchased you have between 4 and 30 days to use this button. 

No. 3: Set Up A Sequence Of Emails That Take Place After Purchase

While post-purchase emails may appear to be an older technique for gaining customer testimonies, they’re still an effective way for omnichannel brands that reach buyers away from the Amazon platform to receive customer reviews. In addition, some of the automation programs can be used to create and track post-purchase emails.

No. 4: Look Outside Amazon To Build Your Email List

Amazon does place some rather tough social restrictions on its sellers, but there are other ways for brands to navigate around this. One way is to create a contact list by using social media channels. 

Simply add a message inside your product using product inserts, or alternatively, use social media to reach out to customers and ask them directly for a review, thus side-stepping Amazon’s guidelines

No. 5: Take Advantage Of Promotions To Boost Your Sales

Many of Amazon’s successful brands use a promotion to launch a highly anticipated product and reduce its price for a specific period of time. By combining a product launch with an exclusive coupon, sellers can make a great first impression with customers. You’ll find that buyers are happy to leave a review, and they’re usually good ones, when they get a good deal on a great product. 

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