Why Driving External Traffic is So Critical For Your Business

Why Driving External Traffic is So Critical For Your Business

Are you looking for efficient ways to get your products seen and recognized by potential customers, and battle against fierce competitors in your product niche?

If so, keep reading on, this blog post is for you!

It may seem obvious to just focus on driving traffic within Amazon if you intend to increase your sales on this specific platform. However, while it’s important to keep figuring out Amazon’s algorithm and existing traffic, limiting yourself to the ceiling that Amazon’s ecosystem placed on you by just promoting your products inside the platform, might not be the most strategic play for you to boost your sales velocity.

The number of sellers jumping onto the “FBA bandwagon” is exponentially increasing, meaning selling on a marketplace like Amazon is turning out to be even more competitive than it ever has been. 

What to do then? We bring you an often forgotten game-changing strategy that might be the lifesaver you were needing, also known as “external traffic”. 

We know now you’re wondering why this old strategy might be the winning ticket for increasing your overall sales. Let us break it down for you!

What Is External Traffic?

External traffic refers to any other traffic that comes from anywhere else that isn't Amazon’s marketplace. It could be email marketing, social media like Facebook or Instagram, websites, search engines, video hosts like Youtube or Tik Tok, traditional advertising such as commercials, or even subscription streaming services like Hulu.

Is External Traffic a Free Or Paid Strategy?

You can use external free traffic sources such as blog articles or social media content just to mention a few. 

Or you can opt to pay to drive external traffic using sponsored links on Google, display advertisements on other websites, targeted ads on Facebook or Instagram, and affiliate marketing with influencers.

5 Top Reasons For Sending Traffic From Outside To Amazon 

  • Stay Ahead Of The Competition

For most sellers like you, trying to sell on Amazon is requiring almost Olympic-caliber mental gymnastics. 

You don’t just have to be constantly battling to rank higher on Amazon’s Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) anymore, but you also have to survive your competitors bidding higher for sponsored ads to make their listings show up before yours.

That’s why external traffic turns out to be so useful!

It is through external mediums like blogs, old social media, etc, that you’ll gain a huge advantage over your competitors, while you stop stressing out about having to race with other products on Amazon’s SERPs. 

  • Reach Out to More Potential Customers

According to Jungle Scout’s latest Consumer Trends Reports this year, 61% of shoppers worldwide began their search for a product on Amazon. This leaves you with a margin of 39% potential customers you didn’t reach out to. 

By targeting potential buyers on different external traffic sources, you can approach the remaining customers you didn’t engage with on Amazon. Not to mention that you will stop relying on the retail giant and start diversifying your sales channels!

  • Rank Higher

Visitors coming from external channels can turn into buyers, boosting your sales velocity. And since Amazon’s A9 algorithm likes nothing more than high sales velocity, it frequently converts to higher rankings. This in turn, also boosts your BSR (Amazon Best Sellers Rank). 

In simple words, it will help your product appear on the first pages of a customer’s search result. Great for gaining brand visibility among your target audience!

  • Increase Your Brand Awareness 

In an overcrowded industry where multiple brands are already top of mind, you need to be available to make your brand as recognizable and memorable as possible to get the sales going. 

What ultimately leads a consumer to develop a preference for a brand or a specific product is brand awareness. According to the Global Banking and Finance Review, 71% of the interviewees claimed that they preferred to buy from brands they already know about.

But how are you going to do so if you’re struggling to reach shoppers on Amazon, and all your efforts are deposited in a unique platform?

When you diversify your channels, you get more chances to get people to know you and to be emotionally engaged with your brand. Building customer loyalty and customer retention!

  • Amazon Awards You

Did you know that if you’re brand registered and you’re enrolled in the Brand Referral Bonus program, Amazon will reward you with a bonus for each sale that is brought in from an external traffic source?

To receive the bonus, you must use Amazon Attribution tags to track sales that come from off-Amazon advertising, helping you save money on referral fees!

The estimated bonus rate will depend on the category you sell in. Visit the Brand Referral Bonus program Help page to check yours. 


There is no doubt that external traffic plays a substantial role in boosting your sales on Amazon by diversifying the channels by which you get to reach your potential customers. No wonder why it’s a strategic play to stay ahead of the competition!

If you want to know the best ways to send external traffic to your Amazon listings and storefront, read this article!

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