How to Work with Designers to Get Better Product Visuals for Amazon

How to Work with Designers to Get Better Product Visuals for Amazon

Great eCommerce graphic design makes your listings stand out on Amazon and make people click on the “buy button”. Thus, learning how to collaborate with your graphic designer properly is something you must learn.

With over 9 years of experience working with more than 300 worldwide brands, we will peel back the curtain to reveal the strategies we have implemented - and have proved to work- when working with our design team so that your final products deliver beyond your highest expectations.

  • Be clear on the agreement & what is included in the scope
  • If you don’t want to find yourself frustrated because the project doesn’t look like you envisioned, you must communicate to the designer the strategies the marketing team will implement to get the conversion rate up. Should the graphics create an emotional connection with the shopper, or should they raise brand awareness?

    Whatever your end goal, be as specific and detailed as possible before the project begins. Communicate to the designer the number of edits and assets allowed. Tell them where the content will be displayed on Amazon. Is it on the product detail page, the storefront, or the A+? 

    Understanding the context of the project ahead of time will allow designers to develop designs suitable for each client’s project.

  • Provide a clear vision with a creative roadmap. Rather than using words, show them!
  • Graphic designers are visual people. This is why whenever you assign them a task, you should always provide them with visual examples of what you expect them to create. Visuals will allow your designer to catch all the artistic vibes and techniques you want them to portray in the final product!

    An easy way to do so is to create a mood board filled with images, colors, icons, shapes, typography, textures, and other visual assets that solidify the visual style you’re striving for and make the graphic designer understand the creative vision of the project. You can easily create your mood board on Canva or Pinterest. 

  • Provide them with context 
  • Graphic designers should portray the look and feel of a brand on Amazon for customers to feel attracted to a brand. They should be able to capture the brand’s voice through visuals. But to do so, they need to understand what the brand is about, what their unique selling points are, and the main key features that differentiate them from the competition. 

    Get them to relate with the brand, explain to them what the target market is and you’ll see how visuals and infographics will appealingly portray the brand’s essence.  

  •  Invest in the revision process and stay open
  • Design is a collaborative process and for the project to match up with your design vision, you need to invest time in the revision process with your designer. 

    If you don’t like how the project looks so far during the revision process, keep your mind open and listen to the designer’s thoughts. This doesn’t mean that you should accept something you don’t feel comfortable delivering to the client, but keeping an open mind allows you to better understand the designer’s thought process and might help both to come up with the brightest idea. 

    Final Thoughts

    Businesses tend to underestimate the importance of images and creatives on Amazon and therefore the importance of improving the way of working with their designers. The reality is that images play the biggest role in conversion rates as they showcase your products and the trustworthiness of your brand. The SEO and ads drive customers to your listings but images are what makes them click on the “add to cart” button.

    If you don’t have a design team that knows how to tell your story on Amazon through compelling visuals and branded graphics that drive conversions, click on the “request a consultation button” and we will happily discuss your business needs and give you a quote.

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