Five Benefits of Amazon Review Software

Five Benefits of Amazon Review Software

It's considered a given that one of the primary factors in purchasing decisions on Amazon is reviews. Data from various market studies back this up, showing that over 80% of online shoppers read reviews when they're considering a purchase. This clearly shows that customer feedback and reviews are an essential part of building a successful e-commerce business.

Despite their preference for reviews, however, many customers don't actually make a habit of leaving feedback on their purchases. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to encourage customers to leave you a review. Keep in mind that it's against Amazon's policies to solicit positive reviews or any specific type of feedback—the most you can do is simply ask them to leave a review in a neutral manner.

Reviews on Amazon play a significant role in keeping your listings ranking well in search results. Amazon expects about 2% of all customers to leave reviews. Even well-established sellers need to make sure that they're getting reviews consistently. 

If you're struggling to keep up with your reviews and dealing with customer issues, you might find that the process is much easier with Amazon review software. These tools are designed to help you manage your reviews and respond to your customers quickly and easily.

Why Use Review Software?

Amazon review tools allow you to respond to customers' issues quickly, providing discounts or other solutions if they've had a problem. It's a great way to maintain a good reputation and improve the overall positive reviews on your product listings. Here are five reasons to use review software to manage your Amazon reviews.

1. Centralized Review Management

If you have many product listings, you know how difficult it can be to have to pull up each page to go through your new reviews. Just this one task could take you many hours if you have lots of products. Review software such as Bqool Review aggregates your reviews from all your listings into one centralized location, making them much easier for you to view. You'll be able to gain insights about your customers' opinions much more easily.

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2. Find and Resolve Negative Reviews

It's easy to see how negative reviews could cost you sales when over 80% of consumers depend on reviews when shopping online. Using review software will ensure that you'll see any negative review, with the help of automation that will bring reviews that meet your criteria to your attention.

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The occasional negative review is normal for any business, but if you miss them, you miss out on the opportunity to provide good customer service and possibly change a negative review into a positive one.

3. Respond Quickly and Easily

Review software gives you the ability to create custom email templates that you can use to respond to reviews. Of course, it also provides a link for responding directly to the review on your listing page, which can be helpful when other customers see that you are actively responding to issues. No matter how you choose to handle responding to reviews, the software will make the process more efficient.

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4. Maintain Your Brand's Reputation

Contacting customers who leave negative reviews will help you protect your brand's reputation. If you can resolve their issue, you open the possibility that they will revise their review, improving your overall rating. Demonstrating that you're actively engaging in customer service and reading reviews is a great way to build trust with potential customers.

5. Monitor Product Performance

One tool that some review software offers is the ability to generate an overall average rating for each of your products based on the reviews they've recieved. You'll easily be able to monitor how each of your products are performing over time and in comparison to each other. This can serve as an early warning system, letting you fix any issues before you see a significant drop in sales.

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Our Software of Choice:

Our partner of choice is “Feedback Five.” We believe that they provide a lot of value.

They’ve been around since the beginning their customer support is great they allow you to monitor all of your feedback and reviews in one spot.

They make it easy for the customer service manager to keep the account healthy.


Veronika COO

“ I think this software will really fit everyone . We have other programs that we use , but Feedback five has an actual person that you can talk to . A lot of the feedback programs : you sign up , and you create it yourself and that’s it . You know it’s like a program , but this one actually has people that you get assigned to that help you with your account . Amazon is continuously changing their terms of service which can get you suspended whereas Feedback Five when I have any questions about amazon change of service with reviews I can say : ‘’Hey , what do you think about this'’ Having a real time person is clutch . And that’s why I think this amazon feedback program is better than any other programs on the market .”




Whether you're a new Amazon seller or you've been in the Amazon marketplace for years, it's clear that maintaining your product reviews is critical. If you aren't currently using software that's designed to streamline the process of managing your reviews, hopefully this article showed you some of the benefits of these tools. 



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