2020 Amazon Rollouts!

2020 Amazon Rollouts!

With Amazon being a heavy hitter in the e-commerce space they are constantly BETA testing new features and 2019 was no exception. The e-commerce giant has been testing new features across the board from advertising, internal social media, influencer marketing and AB testing. The great thing about Marknology being an official Amazon partner is we have access to it all!

We’re giving you a first look at what to expect as a Seller on Amazon

  1. Amazon Post BETA- We’re all familiar with the social media powerhouse that is Instagram and Amazon has taken some tips from their model and applied it to help the buyers experience. Available to mobile shoppers Amazon Posts provides a curated place to upload photos to help shoppers engage with your brand and products. What does this mean for you? Shoppers now can see branded content that steps outside of the image guidelines sellers have on their listings and have the opportunity for free advertising since this feature is free for sellers. This feature is still in BETA testing so it may not be available to everyone just yet. 
  2. Video Ads- With more people are shopping on their mobile devices, Amazon has rolled out quite a few new features to make sure they stay on top of trends. In addition to Amazon Post, Amazon has started taking a note from the TikTok and Instagram storybook and started Video Advertising. Although you can’t do product targeting ads, this is a great way to help build your brand presence and add legitimacy. 
  3. Search Terms - This is a great new feature if Amazon advertising is something you work with or you’re trying to work with. Until now, whenever you wanted to see which search terms were performing well or which ones you should add to your campaigns, you would have to download an entire Advertising Report spreadsheet or have a subscription to third-party software. Now you’re able to see search term performance data and optimize your ad groups by adding high-performing search terms from Amazon. 
  4. History BETA -This is still in BETA testing but is a helpful feature for sellers who have more than one person working on their Amazon account. If you’ve spent anytime in Amazon Advertising you’d know that one big struggle is keeping track with all the updates you or your team make. Well with the new history feature you’ll be able to see exactly what actions were made; from bid adjustments, keyword actions and new campaigns created.
If you’re a seller on Amazon and can’t seem to get the hang of what it takes to be successful in this everchanging platform don’t stress because our team at Marknology has experts on all things Amazon. Have we mentioned we’re Official Amazon Partners? We have training courses and a la carte services that are bound to fit your needs. Click here to check us out!
-Darrell Vanterpool-
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