Understanding Amazon Japan's Amazon Points Program

Understanding Amazon Japan's Amazon Points Program

When you shop with Amazon MasterCard, you'll be earning Amazon Points, which you can use to pay for your purchases on amazon.co.jp, the website for Amazon Japan. Each Amazon Point is valued at one yen (¥1).

Customers can put their accumulated Amazon Points toward purchases on amazon.co.jp at the rate of ¥1 per point. Most items are eligible except gift cards, Amazon Coins, AmazonFresh, or digital content (besides Kindle eBooks, which are eligible).

It takes one or two days for Amazon Points to be available in a customer's account. Points from new purchases will show up as Pending in a customer's account until the purchase is shipped, at which point their status will change to Available and they can be applied to future purchases. Points cannot be transferred to other rewards programs, and they can't be converted to cash. They also cannot be transferred to another account.

The number of points earned can vary. The specific amount depends on the product, and that percentage can be seen on the product listing page.

Amazon Points expire one year from the latest date on which points were acquired or an order was placed, whichever is later. Any time you make a purchase on amazon.co.jp, whether you acquire points from that purchase or not, or if you earn points another way, the expiration date of your total point balance will be extended to a year from that most recent purchase or accumulation of points.

See the guide to learn more about earning and spending Amazon Points. You can review your Amazon Points balance at any time through your account, under My Points.

Amazon is always working to expand sales with seller programs. Starting in January 2021, all sellers will be able to join the “2% or More” Points Badge program, which was previously only available for domestic sellers in the Amazon Japan marketplace. As a seller in this program, you'll get a “2% or more” badge in your search results and details pages.

As a seller, you can allow customers to earn Points at a rate of 2% or more on your items. This will allow you to receive the badge on your products that you've applied this offer to, which will help increase your views. Amazon Japan will have additional promotions for products that offer this higher Points rate as well.

Keep an eye out for more information about the Amazon Points program and the benefits that it can offer sellers.

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