Seven Easy Steps for Amazon Account Management

Seven Easy Steps for Amazon Account Management

It's not as hard as you think to successfully manage your Amazon account. Here are seven simple tips for Amazon account management that will help you get the most out of your Amazon marketplace account.

Step 1: Optimize Your Listings

No matter how great your product is, customers won't find and buy it unless you optimize your listings. We've written about how to do this before, so check out our other articles to learn more. To summarize, you want to do some keyword research and then make sure your product descriptions are well-written, your images look great and your listing overall is polished and professional.

Brooklyn Director, of Client Services

“ The most important part of Amazon account management is making sure that your listings are retail ready , with a good foundation before you start spending money on paid advertising .


Make sure your listing is optimized from the very beginning , instead of just being : “Ok, it’s just good enough”.No , go back , redo it , make sure it’s really strong and then...every 60 days , come back and do it again . So, the second most important tip for your account management would be : do not stop optimizing ”



Step 2: Take Advantage of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members are where the money is. They purchase almost twice as much as non-members, and there are over 100 million of them. By joining this program, you'll have access to this lucrative customer base, as Amazon is their go-to for many of their shopping needs.

Step 3: Aim for the Buy Box

Getting that vital Buy Box on your product listings should be the goal of any seller who wants to thrive on Amazon. Customers look for those buttons and most purchases come from the Buy Box. If you're serious about Amazon account management, it's important to work towards meeting Amazon's criteria to earn the Buy Box.

amazon account management tips buy box

Step 4: Maximize your Advertising

The best way to improve your visibility and boost sales is with advertising. Given Amazon's size and complexity, simple keyword campaigns aren't always enough. You can make the most of your advertising by utilizing all the options available for different types of ads, sponsored products and other opportunities Amazon offers.

amazon advertising

amazon advertising amazon advertising

Step 5: Make the Most of Your Photos and Videos

Austin, Social Media & Branding

“Images play the biggest part .It’s the first thing you see ! Videos just add a lot more brand trust. You can really narrow it down to how to use it, who uses it, where it should be used.


Especially complicated products that people don’t know exactly how to use. Yes they can look at your description page but they still might not understand what to do . Some of the biggest marketing right now is video marketing."



You have the opportunity to have a bunch of photos and a video to highlight your product listings. Plan to take advantage of this in your Amazon account management to really draw users in. “Show, don't tell” is great advice for your products. Showcasing product features with a video helps fill the gaps that product photos can't fill, and video is also great for social media marketing.

amazon account management tips photos

Step 6: Boost your Brand with an Amazon Store

Amazon offers the ability to create a storefront, which allows you to build your brand recognition, whether you're a first-party or third-party seller. You can highlight the products you want to move and get more views on products that people may not be searching for as frequently.

amazon store front

amazon store front

Step 7: Hire a Copywriter with Amazon Expertise

To create the best product descriptions, you need to understand the intricacies of Amazon's search engine and how best to use keywords. However, you ultimately need a product description that will appeal to people. Working with a copywriter who understands both search engine optimization and marketing can bring your product listings to the next level.

Working with an Amazon Account Management Agency

An agency can help you with all these Amazon account management tasks and more. With expertise in everything from keyword research to advertising, copywriting and more, we can help you achieve your goals on Amazon.

amazon account management agency

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