Tips for Amazon Product Photography

Nov 01 , 2020


Andrew Morgans

Tips for Amazon Product Photography

 You're probably aware that product photos are important.  They're critical for getting the conversions that you're looking for on Amazon. Good product photos let your potential buyers imagine using the product in their own lives. It's the fastest way for a customer to identify whether the product matches what they're looking for, and often they'll make a decision about whether to remain on that product listing and look at the details or leave and try another listing just by looking at the available images.

Especially if you're in a competitive niche, good images can make a huge difference in your conversion rates. If you're looking to improve your sales game, photos are a great place to start. Our straightforward Amazon product photography guide will help you improve your product images and boost your sales.

Familiarize yourself with the Amazon product image guidelines 

The first thing you need to do is understand Amazon's guidelines for product images. Amazon will delete photos that don't meet these guidelines, and that can affect the quality of your product listings. Be sure to be aware of these guidelines so that you can get it right the first time.

Use lifestyle images to create extra interest

Your primary photo for each product listing must have a white background. However, additional photos don't have to follow this rule. Use additional images that include props to create more visual interest and help customers connect with your product. Lifestyle images help your potential customers imagine themselves using the product in their own lives.

Keep in mind that people tend to dislike stock photography, especially when they use a solid white background. However, models often can make an image more attractive since we like to see people in relation to a product. Images of people actively using the product can be very helpful, especially with food-related products and wearable products. 

Amazon Product Photography
Amazon Product Photography
Amazon Product Photography

The product is the star

Even though it's a good idea to add interest to your product images using props or models, remember that the focus should always be the product. Make sure that the product is immediately clear in every photo, otherwise customers can get confused about what exactly comes with the product. It's also a violation of Amazon's product photography guidelines to include additional items in the images in a way that obfuscates the product.

Ensure that the entire product is visible in your main image. In all your images, the product itself should take up at least 85% of the space. You can use close-up images to show details. In photos that show the product in use, make sure to keep the image centered and focused on the product itself. Keep backgrounds uncluttered and simple.

Amazon Product Photography

Use all your image slots

Each of your product listings can have 7 to 9 images, and you should ideally make use of all of them to provide potential customers with as much information as possible. Along with product 

shots, you can also include infographics and lifestyle images to tell the full story of your item.

Include multiple angles and close-ups that show relevant details. Think about what you would want to look at more closely if you were to pick this product up in a store and examine it, and then recreate that experience with your photos. Online shoppers are missing out on the opportunity to inspect products on their own, to hold and feel them, so provide detailed images that can help bridge that gap.

Make sure that your images are high-resolution so that they can actually get an enlarged version when they click on the image preview. This is one of the most appealing features in a product page. High-quality images that show details well are a big factor in sales conversions. 

Show the actual product, not just the packaging

Customers want to see every aspect of a product so make sure that you include unpackaged images. This is essential for products like food items, bath products, wood chips, art supplies, and so forth. The color and texture of products like these are very important, so make sure that you're providing accurate images. You'll draw in more customers if they can get a more comprehensive sense of the product.

Depend on the camera, not the computer

Customers expect high-quality images and will click away to find another listing if your photos don't look professional. Amazon product photography isn't difficult, but it needs to be done well in order to present a professional image to your potential customers. If you're doing all your own photography, make sure you get a decent camera and lighting, and learn some photography basics to make sure your images look good. Don't do a lot of photo manipulation, either: basic color correction can be helpful, but your images should not look like they've been manipulated. Unless you're an expert (or hiring one), we recommend not editing your Amazon product photos.

Use infographics to provide more information

Infographics allow you to present the features and benefits of your products in an attractive, graphic format. Since customers often go straight to the product photos on Amazon, it can be very helpful to include the most important product details in an infographic.

You can include dimensions on an actual photo to more clearly illustrate them, highlight certain features, and make sure that your customers will definitely see the most relevant details whether they read the entire product description or not.

Amazon Product Photography

Keep your infographics clear and concise. Don't just copy and paste your description text into an image; find the most important details and explain them in as few words as possible. Don't forget that it's still a graphic, too: make sure the product image looks good.

Hire a product photographer for the best results

If you can't get all the necessary equipment and take the time to learn some photography skills, you're better off hiring a professional rather than taking poor-quality images. The difference between a professional product photo and an amateur one is clear. Professionals have studio spaces in which they can make sure your products are well-lit and shot from the correct angles to ensure that they're presented at their best.

Amazon Product Photography

Marknology offers professional Amazon product photography services that can help you develop the best possible product listings. You'll be amazed at how much good photography will boost 

your conversion rate. Get in touch today to learn more and get started.

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