New Amazon Customer Review Page

New Amazon Customer Review Page

Amazon just launched a new Customer Reviews page on Seller Central! This new page can we found within the brand dashboard under the performance tab. The page was created to help sellers easily manage their reviews on Amazon. You can respond to feedback, identify and correct products or listings on your page. The data from their reviews updates within 24 hours of that review being published and you have access to it for 30 days. As a seller you have the ability to reply to the reviews as long as comply with the guidelines. There is a filter that you can to break down the reviews by time period, star rating, ASIN and brand.

Amazon has built a tool that helps you can keep track of the reviews that have completed. There is a box you can click to put a check mark that will remove this review off your list. This is a game changer when it comes to helping organize and stay on top of the reviews. 

Thats all the tea for now!

-Rachel d'Autremont

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