Amazon invites Marknology for Attribution Beta Program

Amazon invites Marknology for Attribution Beta Program

You probably read that title and thought what the heck is that and why should I care? Well, if you do any business with Amazon this info will change the way you run your Advertising and Marketing strategy on Amazon and other media channels. 

What is Attribution Beta Program?

It is a new beta measurement solution that provides brands that sell on Amazon with the ability to analyze their sales and traffic across media channels that are not on Amazon. For the first time, brands can measure the impact of display, search, and video channels based on how consumers discover, research, and buy their products on Amazon. It features an on-demand reporting where you are able to view insights needed to optimize and prioritize media campaigns to grow product sales and traffic to Amazon. Amazon Attribution, a new beta measurement solution, provides brands that sell on Amazon with the insight on how to track traffic to Amazon and vise versa. 

This Amazon Attribution Beta Program will help maximize your return on investment (ROI) and grow your product sales. Attribution helps you Measure, Optimize and Plan on how you can change your advertising strategy to direct traffic to Amazon from other selling platforms.

Amazon has asked Marknology to join this program as one of their beta testers. We are proud and excited that Amazon has recognized our company as a thought leader in this industry. 

"This could be monumental for growth on Amazon. As media buyers start to learn of the ability to track attribution on Amazon, more and more digital agencies will start directing traffic to Amazon. If a normal website converts on average at 3%, and Amazon product pages, convert as high as 35% at times, its a no brainer to direct traffic to Amazon. Their results to clients will be 10X."

                             -ANDREW MORGANS   

We are going to utilize all aspects to not just improve our Amazon expertise but guide our clients and help them gain the best ROI possible. The insight that this program has can and will change how brands advertise on Amazon and other platforms! We are pumped to share more info once we go live with our clients.

That's all the tea for now!

 -Rachel d'Autremont





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