Amazon's MYCE tool

Manage Your Own Customer Engagement (MYCE)

Manage Your Own Customer Engagement Tool

Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE) is a tool that allows sellers to directly engage with their Amazon customers. This tool was created to help increase the visibility of sellers’ products and help brands grow loyal relationships with Amazon customers. 

Amazon already has a range of engagement tools available to those who manage their own brands, and the MYCE tool is their latest offering to help with customer engagement. When brands invest in their customers it opens the opportunity to turn them into followers. 

For many years Amazon has allowed customers to follow certain brands, meaning that when a shopper follows a brand, they’re entitled to receive information on special sales, product updates, and launches. But these updates were not sent by the brand – Amazon sent them. The difference today is that brands themselves can use the MYCE tool to create a direct line with their followers. This helps sellers –

1. Market directly to followers of their brand,

2. Improve product visibility

3. Establish loyalty to a brand. 

The focus of the MYCE tool is to create email campaigns. At the moment, the MYCE program only supports new product launches, but this will change in the future when Amazon releases new templates and features.  

The MYCE tool is very welcome news for brands selling on Amazon because it encourages repeat purchases, and it’s a bonus for Amazon itself because by supporting customer retention they’re strengthening their marketplace.

Here’s Why Brands Are So Excited About This New Tool

1. In the past, Amazon had strict limitations and guidelines on how sellers could communicate with their customers.

2. There were consequences to violating these guidelines, which included preventing sellers from selling on their platform. Even well-intentioned sellers inadvertently failed to follow these strict regulations,

3. These restrictions made it hard for brands to pinpoint exactly who their customers are and made it impossible to engage with them for future purchases. With this tool now being available to sellers, sellers can now communicate directly with their customers via email.

Amazon states that the purpose of this tool is to allow sellers to offer promotions, share product launches, and drive potential purchasers to brand stores. Previously, these seller advantages were only available for customers coming through their DTC (direct-to-consumer) site.

Your How-To Guide For Using MYCE 

If you haven’t already, you must register your brand on Amazon. Not only does this give you access to other brand programs, it’s also a prerequisite for using the MYCE. Set up your storefront, and then you’ll be able to create email campaigns using the MYCE tool. The following Campaign Assets are required to complete this process –

No. 1: Brand Logo: Upload your logo with a PNG transparent background, or with a jpg black-or-white background. The layout of your logo must be 3:1 horizontal.

No. 2: New-Launch Product: The MYCE tool was designed by Amazon to promote new products. Therefore, your listing must be new to the marketplace, meaning it must have only been available for sale during the last six months.

No. 3: Supporting Image: How does your product benefit customers? Choose a high-quality image for your product.

No. 4: Schedule a Time: You have a five-day (Monday to Friday only) period to send out your email campaign. Establish this timeframe. Make sure to plan ahead because you may not receive approval for at least 72-hours.

No. 5: Seek Approval: Ask Amazon to approve your campaign, which will be granted within 72-hours. Should your campaign be rejected, start again and create a new one that fully complies with Amazon’s requirements.,

Note that the MYCE tool gives sellers access to key performance metrics, like total click and open rates.

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