International Sales Through Amazon

International Sales Through Amazon

If you want to take your business to the next level, you may be considering selling internationally. There are some challenges you'll encounter, but as an Amazon seller, you'll have many advantages available to you. Now that you've got some experience selling on Amazon, branching out into the international marketplace is a good next step. If you want some extra support as you take this step, working with experienced Amazon consultants will make sure you're on the right path.

In this article, we'll take a look at how you can get started with the Amazon Global Selling program.

What Is Amazon Global Selling?

Amazon Global Selling (AGS) is the program that lets sellers list their products on Amazon's international websites. The company currently has 13 marketplaces around the world, and sellers can sell their products on these marketplaces, regardless of where they're physically located.

There are three major benefits to joining the AGS program:

1. You'll reach a larger customer base while staying on the same platform you already know well.

You can use all the same tools for managing your finances and fulfillment that you're already familiar with, all from one account. With Fulfillment By Amazon, you don't need to handle the complicated logistics involved with international sales, and your customer service will largely be handled by Amazon as well.

2. You can establish yourself as a trusted international brand.

Amazon is a well-known e-commerce platform all over the world. You'll have a head start with establishing a positive reputation because of Amazon's policies that ensure customers have a positive experience. You'll also pay reduced costs for the branding benefits that Amazon offers when you're part of the AGS program.

3. Reasonable fees, given the benefits you receive.

When you first investigate the AGS program, the fees may look high, but once you compare them to the costs you'd accrue if you were to set up an international store on your own, you'll find that your ROI when working with the biggest e-commerce platform will be well worth it.

Preparing to Join the AGS Program

Now that we've explained the benefits that the Amazon Global Seller has to offer, we'll discuss what you'll need to do to prepare for becoming an international seller. Before getting started, you should be aware of any limitations with the products you're selling, determine how you'll get any language support you need, and make sure that you understand all the financial details.

Product Selection Considerations

When you're branching out into selling internationally, you'll want to consider how your current products will fit into the new market or markets you're interested in expanding to. 

The first thing to consider is shipping: do your products meet your target country's shipping regulations? Make sure you understand the regulations before you try to enter a new market—there may be things you didn't expect, such as India's policy of not permitting the sale of gun-shaped toys, or that you can't ship lithium batteries to Germany.

Even if you know what your top sellers are in your current sales area, it's entirely possible that you'll see completely different results in other countries, so be sure to do your market research and create new marketing campaigns instead of simply transferring the ones that are working for you now to your new marketplace.

Be sure to consider the local culture and holidays, especially the popular shopping holidays, in your target markets. Holiday sales are always a huge factor in e-commerce success, so be sure to know which holidays you should plan around so that you can have the right inventory available at the right times.

Foreign Language Considerations

If you're moving into a marketplace whose users primarily use a language different than your own, it's important to have a way to provide product descriptions and customer service in that language. If you're using Fulfillment By Amazon, you won't have to deal with returns and other shipping concerns, but it is still important to be able to interact with your new customer base in the language they prefer.

selling internationally with Amazon

Translating your listings into the local language isn't mandatory, but it's very important if you want to get better rankings in your new marketplace. When we say that it's important to translate your listings, we don't mean just running them through Google Translate. Not only is it important to do new market research to determine the ideal keywords for the market, but product descriptions that are well-written will get better results. One of the best ways to get your listings translated is by hiring a translation service that specializes in Amazon product listings. Be sure to pay attention to your packaging materials as well.

Financial Considerations

One of the major factors in international commerce is currency conversion. However, Amazon makes this easy for Amazon Global Sellers by offering their useful tool, the Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS). It allows sellers in the AGS program to accept payments in a local currency and have it automatically converted into your currency when it's deposited into your account. The fee for this service is 4%, which is often worth it for sellers who don't want to deal with setting up additional bank accounts and legal business entities in other countries.


You'll also want to make sure you understand the tax codes in your new markets. While most countries will charge sales tax when you exceed a particular earnings threshold, others will charge sales tax as soon as you are maintaining inventory in the country, which includes the FBA program. The best way to ensure you understand all the requirements you need to be aware of is to hire an international tax professional.


If you are looking for a way to expand your business, consider going global with the Amazon Global Seller program. It's the easiest way to expand your e-commerce operations worldwide. The tools that Amazon offers can help make expanding easy. If you're still unsure of how to move forward, consider working with an Amazon expert who can help you get set up with all the market research, translation, and financial information you need.

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