How Covid 19 in India affecting the US

How Covid 19 in India affecting the US

When it rains it pours, right? COVID 19 is raining everywhere. Feels like
we’re living in apocalyptic times, and maybe we are. However, our
government, authorities and health care workers, along with many others
are rising to the challenge. As they say "This too shall pass."
Amazon too, is moving as it must, to minimize the damage and put us all in
the best position to rebound when this challenge has passed. Meanwhile, we
must live within the limits.

Amazon Shuts Down in India because of the Government Lockdown

Here are the details: has halted most of its operations and the vast majority of its 200,000
active sellers have been deactivated. Why? Because of COVID 19. India has
ordered a literal house lockdown of all 1.3 billion people for 3 weeks.
So, how does this affect you and me? Glad you asked!
Most of Amazon USA’s directed customer support, seller support, and brand
registry are supported out of India. The infrastructure of the Indian internet is not
strong enough to allow most of the support staff to work out of their homes.
Therefore, with the lockdown, Amazon is deprived of those workers and all issues
roll back to other overwhelmed call and support centers.
What is the bottom line?
Amazon’s response time is likely to be drastically slower.
So, the name of the game is patience and understanding. Be kind and
understanding to those trying to help you. They are doing their best. 


Marknology Team

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