Amazon Packaging and Inserts

Amazon Packaging and Inserts

Product packaging is an important part of the overall image that you're presenting to potential customers on Amazon. As you're undoubtedly aware, Amazon search results are highly competitive. Even once you're ranking well in the search results, getting a customer to click on your product instead of your competitor’s can be a challenge.

One way to make your product stand out in a competitive niche is by using unique packaging that will draw the eye among a sea of similar listings.

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‘ The inserts are kind of the last step . Once you get the last little note from the company , a coupon or just saying thank you , it takes this extra effort , builds a huge brand trust and makes them buy more just because of this last step , this very personal step where you thank them for their purchase”

Tips for Amazon Packaging Design

First, it's important to consider Amazon's terms of service. There are many policies that you need to follow for your product listings, and packaging is no exception. Be sure that your packaging first and foremost follows all Amazon guidelines.

Another consideration is image requirements. Photos must be on white backgrounds, so choosing colors that stand out well against a white background will help your product packaging show up clearly in photos. Bright colors, neon colors, and saturated dark colors all work well.

Once you've ensured that you're following Amazon's guidelines, you can use these tips for Amazon packaging to create good branding and appealing visuals for your products.


The main focus should always be on the product, so while standout packaging is a great addition to your product, make sure that it doesn't end up being distracting. Too many images or too much text on a box can be confusing.

Visual Appeal

Imagine your product sitting on a store shelf, surrounded by your competition. What would help it stand out? Customers are scrolling through Amazon's virtual shelves, so you want something eye-catching that will encourage them to stop and take a longer look.

Contact Information

Including your company's contact information on your Amazon packaging will help your customers connect to your brand instead of simply associating your product with Amazon.

Include a mailing address, phone number, or email address so that your customers know they can reach out to you directly. If you're in a different country from many of your customers, including a local number can be helpful.

Amazon Product Inserts

Product inserts are any informational materials that you include with your product, such as a card, pamphlet, or other style of messaging. Sellers use inserts to direct customers to their websites, solicit feedback, and provide other details about their business.

Packaging inserts are a great way to make your customers feel valued by including a special offer, such as a discount on their next purchase or on a specific item that complements their purchase. You can also offer discounts on inventory that you are trying to move faster.

FBM sellers can, of course, easily include package inserts in their Amazon packages, since they 

are handling fulfillment themselves. FBA sellers must send their products directly to Amazon, so they have to get package inserts added to their Amazon product packaging during the manufacturing process.

An FBA seller can either ask their manufacturer to print and add inserts before they're shipped to Amazon warehouses, or get their inserts made separately and ship them to the manufacturer to be incorporated into the packaging.

Whether you're an FBM or FBA seller, make sure your packaging complies with Amazon's guidelines. Amazon does not hesitate to block seller accounts that aren't following their policies.

Here are some tips for creating effective Amazon product inserts:

Say thank you

This seems obvious, but a thank you note to your customers makes a big difference in their impressions of your brand.

Include instructions

If your product requires instruction to use correctly or to care for properly, be sure to include clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

Include warranty and guarantee information

If you offer a guarantee or your product has a warranty, make sure you convey that information clearly. Amazon also has a robust return policy, so you can depend on their customer service as well.

Request a review

While you aren't allowed to specifically ask for positive reviews, you can ask for customer feedback in a neutral way, so let your customers know that no matter what their experience, they can leave a review on Amazon to share their feedback.

Include social media and website addresses

It's permitted within Amazon's guidelines to include your own contact information, including social media accounts, your mailing list, and blog.

Amazon allows you to include information for your non-Amazon pages. This includes your social media accounts, blogs, and even your mailing list.

How NOT to Solicit Reviews

Amazon has specific guidelines for what you can say to a customer to ask for a review. Here are some things to avoid in your Amazon package insert.

Avoid manipulative language

Any language that seems to prompt positive feedback, such as “we're a small, family-owned and operated business” or “when you buy from us, you're supporting products made in the USA” is considered manipulative.

Don't encourage positive reviews

Anything that looks like you're cherry-picking customers in order to get more favorable reviews 

is a major violation of Amazon's terms of service. Language like “Please tell us about your positive experience with this product with a review” or even “Please get in touch if you don't believe this product deserves a 5-star rating” can get you in trouble.

Don't Offer Incentives for Reviews

Incentivizing reviews by offering gift cards, discounts, or any other benefit if a customer leaves a review is against the terms of service. It doesn't matter whether you say anything about positive reviews at all in this case. No incentives for reviews are permitted at all.

Creating Amazon Product Packaging and Inserts

If you are comfortable with design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you can certainly create your own packaging designs and inserts. There are also tools like that allow you to create Amazon product packaging and inserts with more simple options for non-designers.

Another option is working with a professional Amazon product management agency. They can work with you to design product packaging and inserts that reflect your brand, conform with all of Amazon's requirements, and help you succeed in the Amazon marketplace.


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