Amazon Introduced Faster Payouts, Free Shipping Software, and More

Amazon Introduced Faster Payouts, Free Shipping Software, and More

Amazon’s premier annual seller conference, Accelerate, took place last September 14-15, 2022. As expected, Amazon announced new features and resources to help small and medium-sized businesses increase their sales on the platform.

If you missed Amazon Accelerate, don’t worry! We will walk you through this event’s main takeaways and exciting news.

1. Fast Access to your Funds with Express Payout

U.S. sellers in all 50 states, who have an in-network U.S. bank account, can now receive bank deposits within 24 hours. No more waiting 3 to 5 business days to access your funds!

The new service supported by hundreds of banks and credit unions will be free until September 2023. After that, Amazon will charge you a flat fee of 50 cents per Express Payout.

However, Amazon will notify you before the promotional period ends, so you can deactivate the service if you want through the Deposit Methods. Your bank account will return to the default Standard Payout setting.

To be eligible for Express Payout, you must:
  • Have an account with an in-network U.S. bank.
  • Live in one of the 50 states. Sellers in U.S. territories are not eligible.
  • Have transactions of $1 million or below at the time of the payment initiation.

If you meet all of the above requirements, you can opt-in to the free Express Payout service on the Deposit Methods page on Seller Central.

2. Free Shipping Software to Simplify Your Shipping

Amazon is integrating even more robust tools to help sellers like you stay a step ahead. That’s why, earlier this year, Amazon acquired Veeqo, an e-commerce software start-up that makes tools to help online businesses manage their storefronts on and off Amazon.

But it wasn’t until Accelerate that the giant retailer announced Veeqo’s launch as a multi-channel shipping software and inventory integration built to simplify fast-growth eCommerce.

Veeqo provides trusted data security and Amazon account protection from late deliveries and negative feedback if you ship on time. What’s even better: Veeqo is now free for all sellers. It was priced before at an average cost of $450 per month.

What you can do with Veeqo:
  • Increase the speed of fulfilling customer orders: Cut shipping costs with access to discounted rates on UPS, U.S. Postal Service, DHL, and FedEx- that range up to $5.00 per label.
  • Protect your Amazon Account: Ship your orders on time and Amazon will protect you against A-Z carrier claims related to late delivery and negative feedback.
  • 100% Valid Tracking Rates: Each label purchased through Veeqo includes a Valid Tracking ID that will automatically sync with your Amazon account – at no extra cost.
  • Automated email tracking links: Customers will receive automatic emails with tracking links as you fulfill their orders.
  • Save time with Bulk Ship: Batch of up to 100 orders with the lowest rates automatically selected.

How to Get Started with Veeqo?
  • Create your account
  • Connect a store
  • Get ready to manage your eCommerce in one place.

3. Launch your Next Top-rated Product Using Customer Reviews Insight

As an Amazon seller, getting customer reviews not only shows the success of your product but also gives you crucial feedback to keep improving your product or to come up with fresh ideas.

With Amazon’s new Customer Review Insights tool- an enhancement to the popular Product Opportunity Explorer- you can now get automated product review analysis.

This new feature will dive into thousands of reviews to inform you about customer preferences and product trends- crucial to helping you make insight-driven decisions related to your product launches and evaluate product opportunities on Amazon.

Determining the top qualities and specifications of successful products has never been easier!

4. Test More Aspects of your Product Listings with Manage Your Experiments (MYE)

Amazon announced new features that make the Manage Your Experiments tool more efficient and effective to help increase customer interest and sales up to 25%. It will be available by the end of September of this year.

    • Title and image notifications. Machine learning-based recommendations for product image and product title experiments will help you verify there is a notorious difference between your version A and version B
    • Auto-publish. You can now auto-publish the final experiment version to your detail page
    • A/B test bullet points and product description. Optimizing the content of your product listing now includes not only your product title, main image, and A+ Content but also bullet points and product descriptions.
    • Test to significance. With this new option, you can complete your experiments faster based on listings interactions instead of a specific time frame.

How to Get Started with Experiments?
  • Plan your experiment
  • Create Version B of your content
  • Set up your experiment
  • Run your experiment
  • Interpret your results
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