Amazon Expands to Belgium

Amazon Expands to Belgium

Amazon’s vision to help sellers expand their business internationally led them to recently launch a version of its online shop on Tuesday, October 18th in Belgium with more than 180 million products across more than 30 categories.

Before Amazon’s launching in Belgium, their ten European marketplaces combined received over 1.4 billion monthly web visits, almost 60% as big as the U.S. Until now, Amazon was present in Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Poland. Thus, Amazon Belgium is their ninth active marketplace in Europe.

As the eCommerce giant was unable to use the recognized domain name of its other webshops (, for example) as “” is owned by Amazon Insurance, the URL of the Belgium version of Amazon is

Available on desktop and mobile browsers, as well as the Amazon mobile Shopping App, customers in Belgium are now able to:

  • Shop more than 180 million products in more than 30 categories including Consumer Electronics, PC, Sports & Outdoors, Tools, Toys, Home & Kitchen, Home Improvement, Fashion, and more.
  • Take advantage of low prices and fast delivery.
  • Enjoy a multi-language shopping experience including customer support, in their preferred language – French, Flemish, or English. 
  • Sign up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime at Available for €2,99 per month or €25,00 annually.

Brands of Belgium

As an attempt to get local brands to get on board with the new website, Amazon created Brands of Belgium, a storefront dedicated to all new, emerging, and established Belgium brands in which buyers can discover thousands of local products across numerous categories: Food & Drinks, Fashion, Accessories, Beauty, Health & Personal Care, Home & Kitchen and more.

On the page dedicated to empowering local Belgian businesses, customers can find more than 100 Belgian brands and tens of thousands of products as well as shop by category.

Amazon's launching means a massive growth opportunity for brands to expand internationally and an easier way for Belgians to shop, as until now they had to order from webshops in other countries such as France, the Netherlands, or Germany, all of which have been established for a few years. 

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