Amazon Cloning a Neighborhood

Amazon Cloning a Neighborhood

You read that title correctly, Amazon has recently cloned a neighborhood just outside of Seattle. In March a guy saw a robot rolling down his street with an Amazon Prime Label on the side of it; suspicious, yeah I know! This robot that was rolling down his street was actually taking a digital copy of everything in its site. The robot, who's name is Scout, is able to pin point the position of a driveway within centimeters of the road. Like how cool is that!

So what's happening after Scout gets all of this data, is that they are recreating a neighborhood to test Scout in. Amazon is able to test this robot in different senarios and weather conditions to ensure that he's up for the challenge. So next time you click on the one day shipping button, Scout or one of his friends may be delivering your package.

Thats all the Tea for now!

-Rachel d'Autremont





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