Activate Saturday Operations on Amazon!

You can activate Saturday Operations to Increase Sales

and you don’t have to work more!  Did you know that you had this option? Sounds like FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) It is possible while not using FBA.

Amazon has some new settings for those of us who are offering FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant). These options may be something that your company is already offering but, the Amazon software is just not reflecting your company's ability to meet the customer’s needs. 

We all know that FBM has grown in importance with the past history of Covid-19.  Many sellers have opened up that area of their business or at least they want to explore it.

When comparing FBM to FBA, one of the challenges for FBM is shipping speed.  Up until now, Saturday and Sunday have been lost days in the shipping process, but no longer. Well, at least Saturday. Now you can activate Saturday operations!

Amazon has updated the availability settings in the Order Fulfillment Setting to allow the seller/shipper to set later and more precise order cut-off times.  Setting a later cut-off time allows us to better precise delivery promise and offer faster service. Seller Central

Perhaps, a seller’s crew is already working on Saturdays or they want to expand service. These settings allow you to match the pickup availability with the action on the ground.

All of the shipping choices can get a bit complicated and Marknology is available to help in several areas.

  • Free consultation to discuss all of the available shipping options
    • FBA with local storage
    • FBM with local storage and shipping
    • FBA & FBM with 3PL storage & shipping
  • Precise shipping settings to match the local activity
  • Develop a forward thinking plan with you to use all shipping options
  • Become your outside of Amazon total shipping option


Customers receiving their orders quickly has become one of the major buying decision influencers. Be experienced and ready with shipping and receiving options.  We don’t know when or where the next challenge will come from! 

Click on our website and set up that free phone call!

-Marknology Team-

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