Retailer's Amazon Sales to Over $760K

Retailer's Amazon Sales to Over $760K

How Marknology's Strategies Propel Retailer's Amazon Sales to Over $760K



The apparel retailer had been selling on Amazon for over three years but wanted to optimize their sponsored ads program. They aimed to lower the cost of advertising within their campaign while increasing sales. Additionally, they wanted to expand their reach and explore opportunities in global markets.


1. Campaign Reorganization: Marknology analyzed and reorganized the seller's sponsored ads campaigns to maximize efficiency and increase visibility.

2. Expansion into Global Markets: we helped the retailer expand their presence on Amazon by venturing into international markets, such as Amazon Japan and Amazon UK.

3. Listing Management: we took charge of managing the retailer's listings, optimizing content, keywords, and images to enhance visibility and conversion rates.

4. Identifying New Opportunities: constantly sought out new opportunities for the retailer, such as exploring emerging product trends and implementing effective marketing strategies.


  • Sales Growth: Since implementing Marknology's strategies, sales have significantly increased to $765,191, showcasing a substantial growth rate.
  •  Improved Advertising ROI: By reorganizing the sponsored ads campaigns, successfully lowered the cost of advertising while maintaining a high average order value.
  • Global Market Expansion: The brand successfully expanded into international markets, opening up new revenue streams and increasing brand exposure.
  • Effective Listing Management: Marknology's expertise in optimizing product listings led to improved visibility, higher conversion rates, and increased sales.


Through strategic campaign reorganization, global market expansion, efficient listing management, and continuous identification of opportunities, Marknology helped the apparel retailer significantly boost sales on Amazon, achieving remarkable results and driving sustainable growth.

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