Remarkable 55% Growth Fuels Success

Remarkable 55% Growth Fuels Success

Fruit Bliss: Fueling Success with a Remarkable 55% Month-over-Month Growth

Fruit Bliss is revolutionizing snacks with their delectable dried fruit made from the freshest ingredients. From Tart Cherries and French Plums to Dried Tomato Halves, their pure fruit treats are a delight. With expertise in E-commerce distribution, Fruit Bliss maximizes their presence on both Vendor Central and Seller Central.


Challenge: Standing out in a competitive market

Entering the E-commerce industry, Fruit Bliss understood the significance of grabbing shoppers' attention. However, they faced tough competition from established fruit snack giants offering cheaper, sugar-filled options.

The Marknology Effect: Boosting branding and optimization organized

Realizing the importance of expert guidance in standing out, Fruit Bliss partnered with Shannon Roddy, an Amazon E-commerce Consultant. With Shannon's assistance, they overcame initial Amazon platform obstacles. As their business expanded, Fruit Bliss sought a partner to expedite their success.



  • Seller Central listings and optimized single-pouch listings in Vendor Central during the 7-month partnership with Fruit Bliss.
  • Fruit Bliss sells in bulk to Vendor Central, allowing Amazon to offer affordable single-pouch options.
  • Streamlined listings from other sellers with different quantity variations, merging them into our ASINs for increased sales and unified branding.
  •  Enhanced other ASINs with package quantities, improving product detail pages with SEO, captivating images, and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).
  • Fruit Bliss now has an impressive "A" rated product detail page with Subscribe & Save, Buy & Save promotions, coupons, and a strong brand presence in the Ratings/Q&A section.
  • Over 200 Subscribe & Save members and growing, with investments in advertising to drive sales and cultivate a loyal customer base.
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