Faultless' 537% Growth in 3 Years

Faultless' 537% Growth in 3 Years

Reviving Listings: Faultless' Remarkable 537% Growth in 3 Years


Faultless, a respected brand in cleaning and fabric care products, successfully transitioned from B2B to e-commerce. However, they faced challenges in organizing their product lines, managing sellers on platforms like Amazon, and aligning product presentation with consumer expectations. To overcome these obstacles, they partnered with Amazon consulting firm Marknology, aiming to optimize their brand presence in the online marketplace.

Challenges and Partnership

Faultless struggled with streamlining product lines and maintaining consistent branding across various sellers. They recognized the need to adapt to the digital age and sought a partner who understood consumers, Amazon's ranking algorithm, and the transition from B2B to B2C. Marknology played a crucial role in helping Faultless revamp packaging, optimize fulfillment processes, and enhance the overall consumer experience.


  • Impressive growth of 537% month over month in just over three years.
  • Streamlined product listings.
  • Enhanced brand control.
  • Optimized product variations.
  • Expanded FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) presence.
  • Implemented targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Improved mobile visibility.
  • Regained control of listings.
  • Established a strong online presence.
  • Adapted to the evolving needs of consumers.

Through their partnership with Marknology, Faultless successfully navigated the challenges of the online marketplace, achieving remarkable growth and establishing a foothold in B2C e-commerce.

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