Marknology creative team is here to

make your product
make your product look exceptional
make your product drive sales
make your product tell a story

We know

  • The BEST ways to showcase your product
  • The RIGHT ways to showcase your product

What do we do ?

  • On-model photography
  • Ghost mannequin photography
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Infographic


We use graphics
to take the listing images
to the next level


Making sure you are set up for success : Assessing retail readiness checklist: 5 questions to ask
  • Do you have sufficient inventory available?
  • Do you have the buy box?
  • Do you have enough positive reviews?
  • Do you have inspiring product images?
  • Do you have informative and clear product descriptions?

You send us your product

Amazon offers a range of ad solutions with helpful features to make sure you can get your products promoted properly on Amazon. Next up is: Strategy and Budget Planning

We hire talent, and create product photos and lifestyles

Once we've decided on a strategy and a budget, we are ready to build your campaigns in the campaign manager.

We send it to your approval

Once we've launched your sponsored ads campaigns, we begin to track and optimize the ad date. Focusing on what is working and what is not working at the same time. Dialing in the focus on specific keywords or ad types that are working best for our strategy.

You get the most attractive product listings with quality photography

Marknology has a proprietary advertising dashboard that helps our brand owners easily and effectively get the most out of their advertising campaigns. The data is only as good as you know what to do with it. This is why having an expert team on your side is super important.
You send us your product
We hire talent, and create product photos and lifestyles
We send it to your approval
You get the most attractive product listings with quality photography

Our clients

Marknology works with a variety of brands and product categories. Whether you are selling garden gnomes, launching a book, or selling shelf stable food products on Amazon, we have you covered. Take a look at some of the brands that we work with today.

Product Image FAQs

What image files can be used on Amazon?
TIFF (.tif/.tiff), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), GIF (.gif) and PNG (.png) format
Can I have text or badges in my main image?
No you cannot. This is against TOS. The product needs to be sold on a pure white background.
What kind of information should go into a graphic?
Sizing chart, Nutrition facts, Brand Story graphic, Buy & save graphics, Badges (vegan, gluten-free, etc), "How to use" graphic, and more.
What size do images need to be for Amazon?
At least 1000x1000 and under 10mb. For the best look, all images should be square
How many images do I need for my product listing?
There are 6-7 visible spots and all should be filled
How do you upload my images?
Login into seller central, find SKU/ASIN, click edit, select the image tab, and upload the pure white background image in the first open space and fill the rest with secondary images, and lastly save and finish.
How long do image changes take to show live on the listing?
Normally up to six hours with a max of 24 hours but can change as soon as 30 mins
Can my listing go live without images?
No, you must have at least one pure white background image of the product or your listing will be suppressed.