Meet Our CEO: Andrew Morgans

Say hello to Andrew Morgans, the brain behind the operation. He's not just your typical CEO – he's an American entrepreneur, a captivating speaker, and a visionary leader all rolled into one. With a bag full of successful ventures under his belt, Andrew brings unmatched expertise to the eCommerce game. His insights? They've turned digital strategies upside down, inspiring businesses like yours to reach new heights.

Get to Know Andrew

Our Team, Your Expert Team

We're like your squad for all things eCommerce. We've got a bunch of experts with over 10 years of experience, each rocking their own skills. Think SEO, advertising, content creation and account manager pros – we've got it all covered. Together, we're here to make sure you crush it in eCommerce. With us, you're not just getting a team; you're getting a crew of seasoned experts ready to help you win.

The Marknology Effect

Step 1


Whether you are a new seller starting from scratch, or an established seller on Amazon. The Marknology team will evaluate your account and get you setup for success.

Step 2


Optimized copy can have a huge impact on sales on Amazon. Algorithms will change over time, but good copy, researched and written well, will keep our listings relevant and ranking. We use a variety of tools to come up with the most compelling and data driven copy available.

Step 3


Based on the findings during the research phase, we take that data and incorporate it into your listings. We also push our clients to invest in great eye catching photography as your photos are the first thing seen on Amazon.

Step 4


During the ignite phase, we implement a variety of strategies that help jump start our listings and add kindling to the fire. Engaging influencers, reviewers, giveaways, product bundling, promotions and more we get the jumpstart that your listings will need to catch on fire.

Step 5


We implement highly strategy advertising from within Amazon's advertising platform. Targeting our most important search terms, and getting our listings the maximum amount of exposure possible on Amazon.

Step 6


To really know where you are going you need to know where you are. We use third party tools to help us track our data all the way down to the search term ranking for each listing. We also implement third party tools to help us make sense of margins, and Amazon fees in a clear and easy to understand software.

Step 7


There are always room to improve on Amazon, and our team will keep your listings fresh and optimized. Whether we are switching our main keywords on an underperforming listing, or switching our advertising approach across the whole account the tweaking never stops.

Step 8


The Marknology team fills the gap for you and keeps the doors open on Amazon by assisting with things like feedback removal, FBA shipments, case creations, and behind the scenes management.

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Tik Tok & Digital Strategy