What is a good method for acquiring positive reviews for my product?
Option 1:
Product Inserts - Having a product insert that goes along with your product is ideal in an ecommerce strategy. It is an extra point of contact with the customer, and a way to educate them not only about your product, but where to interact with the brand, and even where to leave a review if they choose to.

Option 2:
Give the reviewer discount or (BOGO) buy one get one free code on Amazon. We recommend BOGO as this would show up as two sales which additionally helps our algorithm. As well as the blue verified check mark
If you choose this option, we will setup a code for your team to give out, such as "MARK1BOGO." It will be good for any product so buy one of anything get the second one free, Reminder: Make sure you do not send any communication that says you are giving them a discount in exchange for a review.

Option 3
Amazon Early Reviewer Program
The Early Reviewer Program helps you get up to 5 reviews by offering customers who purchased your enrolled items a small reward ($3 Gift Card) in exchange for providing feedback on your product. This gift card is given from Amazon. It costs $60 per review that will be charged once you receive the review. Up to 5 reviews per parent ASIN.
How the costs are billed for the Early Reviewer Program?
Each enrollment costs $60 plus any applicable taxes. An enrollment covers all SKUs in a parent SKU family or stand-alone SKU. You do not have to enroll children SKUs individually. You are charged the $60 fee once you receive your first review through the program. That is the only time a fee is charged for that SKU, whether you receive one review or five reviews. If you receive no reviews, you will not be charged.

Can we email our customer database and offer a discount in exchange for a review?
Under Amazon's terms of service, we are not allowed to give a customer a discount in exchange for a review. This means that a review and a discount cannot be mentioned in the same email. We can offer the discount in one email and then ask for the review in the other.

Can we give shoppers a promo code that they can redeem at our website?
Yes, this would need to be done after they purchase on Amazon, so that they can leave a review there.

What is a "verified review"?
The reviewer has payed a full cost of the item and followed Amazon procedures before receiving the product etc.

If my products have child variations will they have separate reviews or be combined?
If we have the products in variation reviews are combined.
How can we remove negative reviews?
Upon receiving a negative review, it may be prudent to open a case with Amazon requesting its removal.
Amazon will remove negative reviews if
A) The review is based on something un-relative to the product
B) The product was damaged during shipping/handling
C) FBA shipping is at fault
D) The review is suspicious of being fraudulent

How can I contact e-commerce shoppers who left a negative review?
Oftentimes you can't see who the buyer was that left the review.

Software is available for seller central that sends reviews...but the main focus is that it will match up negative reviews with orders. This method allows us to find out who the buyer was and email them.
What is a good ACOS?
A: A "good" ACOS is dependent on advertising goals. The basic rule of thumb is between 20% - 30%, but if you're a newer brand looking to gain some more brand exposure then you'll want to focus on TACOS and not ACOS.

What does TACOS have to do with advertising? How is it connected ?
A: TACOS is a great measure for profit and determining what advertising and SEO is working. Advertising and SEO play hand in hand, when you're bidding on the SEO terms this helps boost impressions and help rank your listings higher in it's category since more views usually turns into more sales.
How do we know what’s working and what’s not?
A: Your goals will determine what "looks good" and what needs to be modified. Key metrics to look at are ACOS (Spend/Sales) , clicks, impressions, NTB and CTR.
Should you use off Amazon search term data to build campaigns?
A: Absolutely, DATA DATA DATA. The more data you have, the better you can optimize what terms work for Amazon. This also gives you a better understanding of popular market terms.
How much will x amount of dollars get me in sales from advertising?
A: Amazon advertising runs as a live bidding system, so there is no way to say "If I spend $100 what will my return be?" that $100 could make $1000 or $50 depending on the bids for the terms you're advertising on.
What image files can be used on Amazon?
TIFF (.tif/.tiff), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), GIF (.gif) and PNG (.png) format
Can I have text or badges in my main image?
No you cannot. This is against TOS. The product needs to be sold on a pure white background.
What kind of information should go into a graphic?
Sizing chart, Nutrition facts, Brand Story graphic, Buy & save graphics, Badges (vegan, gluten-free, etc), "How to use" graphic, and more.
What size do images need to be for Amazon?
At least 1000x1000 and under 10mb. For the best look, all images should be square
How many images do I need for my product listing?
There are 6-7 visible spots and all should be filled
How do you upload my images?
Login into seller central, find SKU/ASIN, click edit, select the image tab, and upload the pure white background image in the first open space and fill the rest with secondary images, and lastly save and finish.
How long do image changes take to show live on the listing?
Normally up to six hours with a max of 24 hours but can change as soon as 30 mins
Can my listing go live without images?
No, you must have at least one pure white background image of the product or your listing will be suppressed.
What is a variation?
A variation is a combination of two or more listings with a similar attribute or attributes such as size, style, color...
Why should I create a variation?
The largest benefit of creating variations is being able to present a multitude of your products to your consumer all on one page. Variations can help your lesser know products shine if they can be paired with one of your best sellers.
Do variations looks different online compared to on mobile?
No. Variations will look the same online and mobile. Something, however, that will look different is the A+ content on Mobile. Amazon emphasizes A+ content on mobile. A+ content will be the first thing your customers will see on mobile. 
What are some of the possible ways to variate products?
Size, Color, Quantity, Style, Material, Size-Color, Color-Quantity, Size-Style...  
How similar do listings have to be to be in a variation together?
If two or more listings are the same product but they're a different color, size, or quantity then they can be put together.

Color - A red ball and a green ball
Size - A 5-inch ball and a 10-inch ball
Quantity - A 1 pack and a 2 pack

Also, if two or more listings share any similar attribute with one another, then they can be put together in a variation.
Home & Kitchen - a cup with a polka dot pattern and a plate with that same polka dot pattern.
Jewelry - a Neckalce with a moon and a ring with that same moon.
Garden & Decoration - A gnome with a welcome sign and a gnome with a get out sign.



about us
market places
How many clients does Marknology have?
Since Marknology’s inception, our team of experts has worked with more than 350 brands worldwide helping them launch and scale their products in the Amazon space. 
We are currently working with 40 clients of different business sizes and are eager to help even more brands. 
Just reach out to us, and we will gladly discuss how we can help you with your business goals!

What type of businesses are you working with?
Throughout the years, we have worked with a variety of brands and product categories. From shelf-stable food products and Faultless Starch to currently bigger brands such as Nestle and Mayo Clinic.
We enjoy helping all kinds of brands in all categories in the Amazon space!

Why is Marknology different from other Amazon agencies?
We are a group of Amazon experts with more than 20,000 combined hours of experience on the platform. For nine years, we have helped different businesses navigate the Amazon marketplace, overcoming the multiple challenges the platform has brought to all sellers trying to build a strong brand presence there. 

We have built over years of experience, the knowledge of what works on the platform, and the decisive factors that make a brand succeed when competing with thousands of sellers in the same category. Our team at Marknology focuses specifically on the Amazon marketplace as we know it is a complete and unique ecosystem different from other marketplaces. 

The leverage we bring is years of experience and a whole group of Amazon-focused experts. If you hire Marknology, you are not just hiring a single person. But instead, you are hiring a whole team of professionals that knows what it takes to unlock the power of eCommerce for your brand.

What challenges can Marknology help me overcome in my business?
As the team has grown exponentially and Marknology has matured, we are now a crew of experts that can take on any digital project. 
We can help you with web design, email marketing, social media, funnels, list building, off-Amazon strategies, e-book creation, fulfillment, warehousing, sourcing, freight, international expansion, influencer marketing, etc.
Contact us and tell us how we can help!!

Who are the people behind the team at Marknology?
We are an in-house professionally developed team, meaning each member of our staff has been specifically selected and trained by us. Each member of our team at Marknology has the Amazon expertise needed to help our clients succeed and scale their businesses.
Marknology offers a team of experts that are passionate about the eCommerce space, specifically the Amazon consulting and branding space, and are excited to take your business goals to the next level. 

How does account management work? Who trains and monitors their performance?
We want to provide and ensure the best consulting services possible. That is why each of our account managers has been trained by our CMO Veronika Morgans, or by our Chief Operations Officer, Brooklyn Morgans. 
Our team members are not only trained by proven experts and thought leaders in the Amazon and branding consulting space but also possess the experience to manage your account professionally.

What is the % of US-based staff on the team? And Non-US based?
Before 2020, Marknology’s team was 85% US-based. As our Company grew, several remote designers and account management personnel supporting the US-based team came on board. 
Most of our outsourced staff are based in Colombia, whereas the others are in India or Pakistan. However, none of them are account managers. Our international team members are designers, writers, and personal assistants.

Is my small business going to be treated with the same level of importance as a client with a higher percentage of revenue?
It doesn’t matter the size of your business or the number of SKUs you launch on Amazon. We always treat our client’s goals as our own!
The way our clients feel about our services is at the top of our business priorities, so we encourage you to research our client testimonials as they speak better about our work than we can. 
What happens if I expand with more SKUs in the same account/marketplace and brand?
You will not be charged an additional cost if you expand more SKUs. They are already included in your monthly fee.
If I signed a 12-month contract but my SKU dies, what happens?
We can assure you we do not plan on letting your SKU die. We take each of our client’s goals seriously and always attempt to set expectations on how we can help them succeed from the start.
However, in a very hypothetical case, if your SKU died after the fourth month, you would simply contact us and we would assist you in any way we could.
What is an ideal lead in time to appoint your agency before launch?
It isn’t possible to tell you a specific time frame until we get in touch with you and see where your business is standing at the moment.
The main factors that could act as speed bumps concerning how fast we can start launching your products are:
  • Designing materials (graphics, images, etc)
  • Trademark registering 
  • Category approvals
  • Shipments that directly tied with the timelines and specific seasons of the year
However, if your products are ready to launch, a 60-day timeframe would be ideal, but it could be as fast as 30-45 days.

What is the typical fee structure if I want to expand to other marketplaces?
If you want to expand to other marketplaces, you would be charged a one-time fee. It could range between $1,000-2,000 dollars, for each marketplace. 
*It covers ads, email sequences if needed, etc. 
How would you approach a brand wanting to expand to other marketplaces?
When launching brands in other marketplaces, there’s a lot of serious research and hard work involved to ensure their success. The opportunity is massive and the potential is vast. 
We would need to research: 
  • Whether your product listings are culturally relevant to the market you are trying to enter, identify
  • How could your product stand out among the hundreds of competing listings
  • The potential partners you can build a close relationship with that benefit both parties
  • The limitation tools you can rely on
  • The operational plan after your business launches