Amazon Storefront

The Significance of Amazon Storefront

An Amazon Storefront provides small/mid-sized businesses a place for displaying their products to Amazon's customers. Customers can interact with specific brands from which they intend to buy goods and services. The Amazon storefront is an area where we really get to bring the storytelling and visual branding of a company to life. We are typically looking to bring the same energy that the brand's website carries, and mirror that on Amazon. This creates a more unified feeling between customers that interact with the brand on Amazon and off Amazon.

It is absolutely free to create an Amazon-branded store. First party vendors and third party sellers can all enroll in Amazon Brand Registry.

  • To display and market most of your products
  • Create customer loyalty and increase your sales
  • Attract different customers to use your brand
  • Enhance your raw Amazon search ranking
  • Promote your seasonal products and campaigns
  • Drive traffic from other competitor advertising
  • Boost your sales through upselling and cross-selling
  • Take advantage of the offsite marketing/promotional initiatives

Storefronts designed by Marknology

Amazon storefronts allow every seller to uniquely display and market their brand, value proposition, and products by using a comprehensively customized branded experience. Shoppers get the chance to connect with a specific brand. As a result, Amazon online shops make up approximately 49% of internet sellers.


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