Amazon glossary


1. A9 Algorithm: It is a system that helps Amazon decide how the products are ranked in searched results, same as Google, providing the most relevant results at the top.

2. A/B Testing: Also known as Split Testing or Bucket Testing, it helps the e-sellers understand the particular dimension of product listing, which urges the customers to buy these products. In a conventional Amazon split test, various product listings with different structural bases are produced and examined by the sellers to determine the best sale gathering list.

3. Ad Management Software: This software helps in managing and organizing Amazon ads. It enables the sellers to have improved data visibility, user interface and automation. Amazon mainly uses pay-per-click (PPC) ad types, also known as the Sponsored Product Ads. 

4. Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS): It is a tool used to gauge the efficiency of the Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign. (ACoS) displays the statistics of ad spend to targeted sales and calculations are done through an equation as; ACoS = ad spend ÷ sales. For instance, if an item costs $100 and needs $1 on ads to sell this particular item, the ACoS will be 1% according to the formula mentioned above.

5. Amazon A+ Content: It is an added tool for only those product detail pages registered in Amazon Brand Registry, helping the sellers display high-resolution pictures. It helps gather the attention of buyers using these pictures. It also allows the sellers to add images (adding detailed descriptions) after the bullet points in a product detail page. As per Amazon, this feature helps the conversion rates increase by 10% of the actual price.

6. Amazon Ad Groups: Ad groups are a subdivision of a sponsored ads campaign that holds ads, targets, and a default bid. These groups can be used to categorize the ads by brands, product, price range and even categories like theme and targeting strategy. A bid is set once an ad group's keyword results in an ad display.

7. Amazon Attribution: It is a cost-free mechanism that enables the brand registered sellers to analyze the outcome of the external advertising campaign. It also provides the sellers with detailed statistics and helps them better understand the most suitable non-amazon marketing channels for a seller's business. 

A seller can easily gauge the influence and ROI of the display, search, social, video media, and email marketing with attribution. Using these statistics, a seller can better understand the customer's tendencies, such as discovering, researching, and purchasing products on amazon.

8. Amazon Brand Gating: minimizes counterfeit activity on Amazon by building a barrier around branded products or even the entire brand. This process is based on account variations, and approval is granted within a couple of weeks or may take up to 9 months.

For widely established brands, Amazon provides brand gating automatically. However, it is also possible for smaller startups to enter the program.

10. Amazon Brand Registry: A feature that provides the brands with added security and gateway to additional marketing services. This provides the brands to secure their proprietary products and product content on Amazon.

Brand Registry is managed by a team solely for this purpose. Brands can contact this team and report any matter of intellectual property theft, non-adherence to policy by any user, issues regarding listing and technical issues, and inquire about cases submitted erstwhile.

It also provides the brand owners with access to unique features, such as additional marketing programs and Amazon Storefronts.

11. Amazon Brand Store: Another helpful service that enables sellers to construct their storefronts for their brands, where all customers can reach out for product selection. These have a variety of shapes and content.

12. Amazon Buy Box: The buy box is made available to sellers based on product price, availability, seller performance, and provision of the product with FBA or Prime shipping. You can find this feature in the top right corner of the product page.

13. Amazon Damage Allowance: This feature caters to any damage to products.

15. Amazon Early Reviewer Program: This program was initiated for sellers to receive reviews for their newly introduced products. It came as a result of a ban on the incentivized reviews by amazon to ensure the credibility of reviews.

Sellers can get reviews for any products they want by enlisting them. Then Amazon will ask random customers who have already bought these products and ask for a genuine review.

The participants are given an Amazon gift card - from $1 - $3. A product's worthiness for 1 or 5 stars does not change the qualification of a product for getting reviews.

18. Amazon Lightning Deals. These deals are provided on an hourly basis and remain available for limited hours. Such deals are displayed on Today's Deal Page. It is a promotion that is available for a short duration in a specified quantity.

Such deals can be found on Such deals are only available 1 for each customer for the period of prescribed duration. These deals are closed on the completion of the promotion period or the consumption of the entire stock.

Lightning Deals require the completion of orders in the quickest possible time due to the time-barred nature of these deals. Amazon gives 24 hours to watch before a Lightning Deal starts.

19. Amazon Live: Amazon Live Creator, an integral part of Amazon's App, enables the sellers to live stream and display the features, benefits, and usage of the products. Their products are shown below the live stream, where buyers can easily watch live or live-streamed videos in the recent past. The feature also enables them to buy the product easily. The live stream also allows the buyers to ask any query regarding the product directly from the seller.

Amazon also provides the users with the "Follow" option to get updates of their favorite brands and products on a regular basis.

20. Amazon Marketing: It is a feature that facilitates product promotion, on Amazon, through the following means:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is undoubtedly the best practice for online marketing, provides you the opportunity to stay as high as possible for any search results regarding any question. Due to its efficient SEO methodology, Amazon has even surpassed Google, resulting in direct searches by users on Amazon instead of Google.

Amazon Advertising – it helps the users to promote the products according to available formats provided by Amazon.

21. Amazon Marketing Strategy: through various statistics, Amazon finds the most demanded items in each category. This is known as the high runner methodology. All such products are then analyzed by the pricing algorithm of Amazon, which results in comparing prices for these products and placing maximum bids for advertisements to attract the customers, resulting in guaranteed sales.

22. Amazon Marketing Services: This term refers to Amazon's services, such as Amazon Display Ads, Headline Search Ads, and Sponsored Products. After re-designating, in Sep 2018, Amazon has renamed its features (AAP, AMG, and AMS) as Amazon Advertising. These terms will be referred to as Amazon Marketing Services, Advertising Console and AMS in the succeeding paragraphs. 

23. Amazon Product Categories: On, products have various categories based upon different selling requirements for each such category. These requirements encompass performance checks, fees, and other qualifications. For instance, the "Apparel" category is meant for Athletic Wear, Outerwear, Innerwear, Wallets, and Belts.

24. Amazon Seller Central: A Seller Central Account enables the sellers to sell the products directly to Amazon's users through an interface.

Amazon provides you with two options as a seller. The seller handles all the steps like Shipping, customer service and returns for every order himself. Second, all such details are managed by Amazon after enlisting in a program called Fulfilled by Amazon or FBA.

25. Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads: These are the Amazon prime ad category that includes messaging, brand photographs, and product circle, which help attract the buyers as soon as they are logged in to

Sponsored Brands are allowed to conduct placements, new targeting options, and dynamic optimizations for ASINs being included in the Ad.

26. Amazon Sponsored Brand Videos: Previously, this feature was named "Video in Search" and would appear only on iOS devices. However, after altering and reintroducing, it now allows video Ads in search results. Another feature that has been added to it is the availability of features on Android and desktops. This feature helps in the promotion of eCommerce and casting an everlasting effect on buyers.

26. Amazon Sponsored Display Ads: Conventional Ads like PPC Ads target the buyers through products, purchases, views and searches. Sponsored Display Ads differ from PPC Ads because the former is not based on keyword search; instead, it monitors the shopping trends by buyers based on their interests.

The reason is that Amazon allows you to promote any product that a buyer has looked for throughout Amazon Display Network, which covers third-party websites and apps, competitor listings, and Amazon pages. This method provides an enhanced probability of attracting consumers.

27. Amazon Sponsored Product Ads: These a sun category of PPC Ads, based on biding for specific keywords to get a better share of the search results; right after launching your product. In PPC Ads, the seller pays a minute price for each click on the ad. On-page Prominence and likelihood to an organic listing thumbnail make Sponsored Product ads very much attractive.

Contrary to Sponsored Display Ads and Sponsored Brands, Sponsored product Ads do not require brand registration and are mostly used Amazon ads, being 66% of the total of third party Ads.

29. Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs): These are the numbers and letters grouped in 10s to identify various products. ASIN for each item is available on the information page at Except for books, for which ASIN is similar to ISBN, a new ASIN is generated upon adding an item to Amazon inventory. ASINs of the products can be found on the product details page and other details like the number of pages for books, sizes, and discs for CDs.

Your can also search through a seller's inventory using ASIN. Type the ASIN or ISBN in the search bar for the desired product and search. The product will appear in search results if it is included in the inventory.

31. Amazon Vine: Through this feature, experienced and honest reviewers help the general or new buyers to buy the best products through their reviews. These specialist reviewers are known as Vine Voices, which is termed coined as a reward for honest and realistic reviews by other Amazon customers. Since the last quarter of 2019, new sellers who fulfill the specified requirements are also offered in the Amazon Vine program.