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Is your Amazon marketplace strategy as strong as it can be? Our team of experts analyze your business goals and formulate an effective and repeatable strategy to improve your profitability and growth potential.

One of the hardest areas for brands on Amazon is advertising. Marknology is an Amazon Ads verified Partner. Let us do the heavy listing and take your advertising program to the next level.

Strategy and Forecasting

We work closely with your brand to establish the right strategies for achieving your objectives. No category on Amazon is the same, and so no strategy can be the same. What are realistic expectations, what can we expect to achieve with current ad budgets, and what should our strategy be? Let us help you create a plan, and execute it.

Campaign Creation

Creating a structure that works with the top software partners in the space, but that also allows for human management is important to success on Amazon. We need to utilize ads that get your products visible in search results, and that ensure your brand is displayed correctly on Amazon.

Reporting and Optimization

One of the only ways to improve something is to know where you are with it, and where you are going. Reporting is important to understand what the data is telling us in order to make adjustments and improve. Sales are not the only factor in running ads on Amazon, as the whole Flywheel is affected. Knowing all of the fine details around your data is very important to your success overall on Amazon.

marknology proprietary dashboard

Marknology leverages the power of Google Data Studio and Amazon Store Analytics to provide real time performance metrics. We provide our clients with a clear picture of their storefront’s performance, including : impressions, clicks, spend, and orders placed.


  • Captures sales data for us to 120 days, 3X what Amazon shows you!
  • Delivers all of your advertising efforts into one place
  • Makes your stores advertising data, make sense, and be easily understood.

In this competitive marketplace you must pay to play. Even if it's from a defensive standpoint. We partner with Amazon's top advertising services to bring you a competitive advertising strategy customized to fit your growth or maintenance goals. 

  • Display Advertising
  • Manual Keyword Bidding
  • Automatic Ads
  • Keyword Bidding, and Comparison Ads
  • Sponsored Brand Ads
  • Product Targeting Ads
  • AMS Advertising for Vendor Central
  • Management of Amazon internal teams
    such as AMG (Amazon Marketing Group) or LaunchPad

Reviewing the basics

Making sure you are set up for success : Assessing retail readiness checklist: 5 questions to ask
  • Do you have sufficient inventory available?
  • Do you have the buy box?
  • Do you have enough positive reviews?
  • Do you have inspiring product images?
  • Do you have informative and clear product descriptions?

Planning your campaigns

Amazon offers a range of ad solutions with helpful features to make sure you can get your products promoted properly on Amazon. Next up is: Strategy and Budget Planning

Building and managing your campaigns

Once we've decided on a strategy and a budget, we are ready to build your campaigns in the campaign manager.

Measuring and optimizing your campaigns

Once we've launched your sponsored ads campaigns, we begin to track and optimize the ad date. Focusing on what is working and what is not working at the same time. Dialing in the focus on specific keywords or ad types that are working best for our strategy.

Scaling with advanced tools

Marknology has a proprietary advertising dashboard that helps our brand owners easily and effectively get the most out of their advertising campaigns. The data is only as good as you know what to do with it. This is why having an expert team on your side is super important.
Reviewing the basics
Planning your campaigns
Building and managing your campaigns
Measuring and optimizing your campaigns
Scaling with advanced tools


Where can I find Advertising for Amazon product information?

Below are a few places where you can find information on Advertising for Amazon:

  • Advertising for Amazon blog
  • Advertising for Amazon Support Center
  • Advertising for Amazon API
  • Amazon Selling Guide
  • Advertising for Amazon case studies
  • Advertising for Amazon YouTube channel
  • Advertising for Amazon LinkedIn
  • Learning console
What is the best way to set up an advertising account for a large advertiser with multiple brands?

Large advertisers often have multiple brands they want to promote through Amazon Advertising. The optimal setup will depend on several factors, including how various brands map to marketing budgets and how closely the brands correlate in terms of potential keywords. The most common setup is to map each brand to an Amazon Advertising account. Each account will support one Store, and generate one invoice.

Can I create an advertising account across multiple countries?

The ability to create advertising accounts across multiple regions depends on whether your client is a vendor or a seller.

If your clients are existing vendors using the advertising console in Europe or North America, you can set up new sponsored ads accounts across their respective region by either expanding from an already-approved account automatically or creating a new multi-marketplace account request. Click “Register a new account” on the “Manage accounts” page of the advertising console and choose between the two account options. To launch campaigns in a new region, you or your client will have to create a new regional account.

If your clients are sellers who launch campaigns from seller central, they can launch campaigns in their respective region from the one account. To do this, you or your seller will have to create a new regional account.

When will I be charged for advertising?

Amazon charges for the number of clicks you receive on your ads. We charge you each time you accumulate a certain amount of click charges, which we refer to as the credit limit.

Advertisers are charged when:

  • They accumulate a $1-worth of clicks.
  • They accumulate additional clicks that meet or exceed their credit limit. Their credit limit begins at $50 and increases each time they reach your credit limit and they make a successful payment. From $50, it increases to$150, $200, $350, and finally $500.
  • They have a balance due for the previous month, regardless of their credit limit. They incur this charge on the third day of each month.
What are the payment options for advertising?

The total advertising fee is charged to the advertisers’ selected payment method during an invoice period. They will only be able to select a single payment method for their account and will be charged in the currency of the country where the ads were created. Available payment methods (restrictions apply):

  1. Credit card
  2. Invoicing
  3. Deduct from payment (DFP)

They can also choose to deduct advertising fees from the retail proceeds in the account associated with their selected vendor code instead of paying with a credit card. Don’t use this payment method if you are a third-party who manages billing for your client’s advertising account.

Note: If your payment method fails after multiple attempts, the advertising account will be placed into payment failurestatus and your campaigns will be paused.

How does international currency work for advertising?

Amazon Advertising supports budgets in local currency only. Advertisers can only launch sponsored ads campaignsaccording to marketplace/local registry. For example, a user cannot run a UK or German account from a US-basedaccount. All Amazon Advertising spend is also billed in local currency. If you are interested in running internationalcampaigns, please visit the appropriate country site for more info (e.g. or advertising.

How can I ensure my campaigns don’t bid against one another?

Campaigns cannot bid against each other in an auction if they belong to the same account within Amazon Advertising. However, campaigns will compete if they reside indifferent accounts. If an account has twocampaigns with the same keyword, Amazon will choose the campaign that is the most relevant to the customers in addition to the winning bid. Two or more identical ads can show up in the same shopping results page or product detail page. Amazon Advertising does not prevent ads from winning auctions on the same page.

How can I ensure I don’t go over my budget?

Each campaign budget should reflect the totalamount your client is willing to spend for a particular campaign, and you can select a daily budget for each campaign, whether it’s a Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, orSponsored Display campaign. Remember, ad spend on any given day may exceed the average dailybudget. But, at the end of the month, the averagedaily spend won’t exceed your average daily budget.

How can I ensure I don’t run out of budget?

Monitor your campaigns regularly, specificallythose with a daily budget. Increase your budget for campaigns that are at risk of running out of budget. If increasing your client’s budget is not an option, consider manually moving budget from a campaign that spends less than its allocatedbudget to one that is running out of budget. You will also receive out-of-budget notifications forcampaigns that are close to or have run out of budget.

How do I choose the right budget for my campaign?

Think about how your budget and bids work together. If your keyword bids are greater than your campaign budget, you might not serve an ad. Consider how many live campaigns your client shave and ensure their daily budget is sufficient given the number of keywords and bids in each campaign.

Can I adjust my targeting strategies based on where the ad will appear?

Within your keyword or product targeting strategy, you can also set bid adjustments based on placement. For example, you might choose to bid higher for a top-of- search placement versus a placement that appears within shopping results.

What’s the difference between automatic and manual targeting?

For Sponsored Products, you can either use automatic or manual targeting.

With automatic targeting, Amazon Advertising automatically matches your clients’ ads with keywords and products that are similar to the product in their ads based on shoppers shopping queries related to their product information.

What is keyword targeting?

Keyword targeting allows you to choose the keywords that are most relevant to the products your clients are advertising. For example, if your product is a phone case, you may choose the keyword “phone case.” When shoppers look for a product with the keyword “phone case,” your ad is eligible to show in shopping results and product detail pages. We recommend using this strategy when you know the shopping queries used to look for products similar to your client’s.

What is product targeting?

Product targeting allows you to choose specific products,categories, brands, or other product features that are similar to the product in your client’s ad. Use this strategy to help shoppers find an advertiser’s product when browsing product detail pages and categories, or whenbrowsing products on Amazon. You can target categories and products individually or target a combination of categories and similar products in the same campaign.

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