What Is The Amazon Buy Box?

What Is The Amazon Buy Box?

What Is The Amazon Buy Box?

You may have heard about the Buy Box on Amazon and wondered what it is. Well, the Buy Box has been part of Amazon’s language since around 2012, and while some call it the Buy Box, others refer to it as Featured Offer. Either way, it’s just a widget that displays Amazon’s preferred option out of all offers that exist for a specific item. It’s great for shoppers because they don’t have to start comparing sellers – they simply rely on Amazon’s algorithm.

The Buy Box on Amazon can look different from device to device or venue to venue, but it will still display the seller’s name, who fulfills the order (FBM or FBA), the price, shipping charges, import fees (if any), delivery options, and gift wrapping requirements (if any).

What's Amazon Buy Box 

Understanding How The Amazon Buy Box Works

More than 83% of Amazon sales come from the Buy Box, which makes it a much-desired spot for sellers. It affects profitability, especially when sales come from mobile devices and the only name displayed is the Buy Box winner. So, you can see that competing for the Buy Box is a very important strategy for most sellers on Amazon.

Simply put, when a purchaser clicks the ‘Add to Cart’ button they’re only buying from one seller, and that’s the Buy Box winner. More importantly, now that Amazon also has a ‘Buy Now’ button, using the ‘Buy Now’ button always results in a purchase from the Buy Box owner.

Here’s How The Algorithm Pairs With The Amazon Buy Box

Buy Box rotation and eligibility are determined by the Amazon Buy Box algorithm. While the algorithm formula is a well-kept secret, some sellers believe they have worked out the parameters, but not the weighting of each. What they do know, however, is that the Buy Box is prime real estate for increasing sales. It also means that your customers will associate your brand with Amazon’s strict policies. Your buyers will know they can trust their purchase and that you’ll provide high-quality products with great customer service. 

The Three Factors That Will Determine Your Amazon Buy Box Eligibility 

Buy Box eligibility does not apply to sellers – it applies to listings. Therefore, sellers should know how to determine if a listing qualifies for the Buy Box. Start using these simple tips to boost your chances of winning the Buy Box on Amazon 

 1. Ensure Your Prices Are Competitive 

The only way you can price your items competitively by hand is if you have no competitors at all and there’s no guarantee you won’t be involved in a pricing war even if you use the most expensive pricing software available on the market. It’s crucial that you have the proper pricing strategy for a private label brand.

2.  Maintain The Health Of Your Amazon Account

This is a crucial aspect if you fulfil your Amazon orders yourself. FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) performance metrics look entirely different, and this is because most issues around customer service, shipping, and so on are handled by Amazon. You must be a reliable seller to succeed on Amazon: you must have high-quality products, ship products on time, and offer second-to-none customer service.

3.  Keep Your Feedback Rating As High As Possible 

Understand how your feedback rating works. On Amazon, your rating is determined by aggregate reviews from Amazon orders and is the average of all seller feedback ratings.  Your rating is determined by orders from the preceding 365 days; however, it’s weighted heavier for orders received in the last 90-days.

Amazon created this seller feedback system to allow customers to see how other buyers experienced dealing with different sellers and to use this information to make a final decision on which seller they want to buy from. All sellers should understand that Seller Feedback is not the same as Product Feedback.

Need Help Selling On Amazon?

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