How to Set up a New Amazon Seller Account

How to Set up a New Amazon Seller Account

How to set up an Amazon seller account?

Hello Prospective Amazon Seller,

So, we are full on, into the Corona Virus Shut down. How many of you believe that after the shutdown is lifted, everyone will celebrate by heading to their favorite retail store? Me neither!
How long will it take before retail shoppers return to their normal brick and mortar shopping pattern? Did you say “Never?” Me too! Yes, we will forget, but even now, I’m finding out how easy it is to shop online. Since Covid – 19, I’ve bought cayenne pepper for fruit trees, razor blade head replacements, monitors, a printer, software, a USB hub and other things. Think about what YOU have purchased lately!
Has your business suffered because of the shutdown? Would it have been better if you’d had a way to sell your current products online? Would you be better off now, if you had an online income stream? Prepare for the now and for the future. Set up an Amazon Account.
Here are some suggestions on How to set up an Amazon seller account. Of course, these are not exhaustive.
Things to gather before you start filling out the application:
1. Your Name (Personal Name or Business Name)
2. Credit Card (Ability to process international charging preferred)
3. Banking information including routing and Account #s (Acct. dedicated to Amazon is the best option. Doesn’t need to be designated at the bank. Just better if separate from your personal activity.)
4. SS # or (EIN if you’re setting up your account under your business name)
5. Address where credit card is billed
6. Business email (Email separate from personal. Also separate from your Amazon shopping email.)
7. Telephone number
Things to consider before opening an Amazon account:
1. Do you already have, or have you created an Amazon seller account in the past? If either is yes, (even if you never sold anything) ignore starting another one.  That will only create problems for you.
Login to the old one. You cannot have more than 1 account.
2. Be prepared to complete everything in the first setting. If incomplete, this can create serious trouble for you and many tears to get it completed later. Don’t select “enter” until you are ready.
3. Make sure all of your information is correct and that it matches. Account name,  name of credit card, address the same throughout, etc. If not, Amazon’s algorithm could flag you. (flag means to block or suspend your account)
4. Decide what type of selling plan. Professional vs Individual Seller Plan
Individual is cheaper to start, especially if you don’t have an immediate product to list.
After selling 40 items ($0.99 fee each) you will be automatically upgraded to
professional at $39.99 a month.) Sometimes it is possible to get Amazon to refund a couple of the monthly subscription fees by calling and asking.
Professional is for those serious sellers who want to fast start. It also provides access to more product categories.
Things to prepare you to choose a product:
If you have the right information at your fingertips, filling out the seller application is easy. Just follow the prompts. Choosing a product is a bigger challenge.
Whole courses are developed around how to choose the right product and cover areas like selection, competition, pricing, cash flow, sourcing, logistics, storage, driving outside traffic, search engine optimization (SEO), keywords, follow-up, troubleshooting and more. I would highly recommend that you avail yourself of YouTube and even other ‘not free’ sources to make the best decision for your
product and business.
Stay safe!
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