How to prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2021

How to prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2021

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As Prime day approaches, Amazon will commence surging up advertisement weeks before the event. If perhaps you are fully optimized and not running a campaign for the Prime day deal, there are many ways to catch up with the train and amass the uptick in traffic. There are rules you should not forget.

Shoppers will mind the price tags of all products, especially when shopping on Amazon. Give discounts on your listings instead of complementing deals with a free item. Get this straight; price will be given priority over coupons or any on-page promotion. However, there might be an exception only if the difference is little and buyers prefer to go for a particular brand.

You will need a competitive and flexible price if you want buyers to get a hold of your products. If you are yet to automate your pricing; then you need to know how to set the auto-pricing rules .

Do Amazon pricing optimization

Amazon products listing  is the first step to go in a bid to reflect your product and not the offer. Amazon is designed to be a product-oriented marketplace as it combines everyone’s offers in a single detail page. If you own a particular brand, you are in charge of the page, if you resell other people’s products; you are only in charge of the offer.

The product detail page describes all the details of the product. Every brand participating in Amazon Brand Registry can employ A+ content to tell/share their stories .Page showing product detail must give a full description of that product. It is pertinent to know that sellers cannot edit their product detail pages once it carries a Prime day special, deals, etc emblem as this is against Amazon terms of service .

 Optimization of your product images

Optimizing your product images helps offer conversation. If you check best-selling products, you will discover the images are top-notch, just like the ones on the magazine ads page. Note that the first image should carry a white background, and other images should describe key features of the product.

We all know a picture catches attention faster than words, as most buyers are captured by the image before reading the description. Ensure to update and optimize based on what you discover.

Run Amazon Sponsored Ads

Before you add any money to enable the Amazon PPC campaign, make sure your product listing page is fully optimized. This will help your optimized detail page with the right keywords that will drive shoppers to your page.

Amazon knows that Prime Day is a Rush-hour Day for them in terms of revenue, so, if you want ads spending to convert on that day, you need to be very watchful and pay close attention to your bid maximums. Do not set PPC and assume all is good. 

Imagine the massive traffic Amazon is going to generate that day, all of these still balls down to your ads budget; one of the reasons you need to quickly know the actual performance of your ads spending before everything burns through. This is why running a campaign before Prime Day is important. Read our full PPC guides for how to run a successful PPC. 

Drive traffic externally to Amazon

Amazon media promotion covers a wide target during the Prime Day retail holiday, you will be on the safer side if you assume a significant quota of your brand's customer base would be on the lookout for a hot Prime Day deal.  

Sending traffic to Amazon through your email list and social media platforms is also a way to skyrocket your brand over your competitors who only promote through the Amazon marketplace. Findings from Bobsled clients show that in recent years, social media has been responsible for Amazon's massive Prime Day sales. 

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