FBA Restocking Restrictions Starting to Lift Next Week - 4/13/2020

FBA Restocking Restrictions Starting to Lift Next Week - 4/13/2020

Here are the current headlines from Amazon about Nonessential items. (If you remember, just a few weeks ago, nonessential item sellers were barred from restocking at Amazon Warehouses.)
We can expect, that week by week, Amazon will continue to include more items in its acceptance window. Yes, there will still be quantity limits and excluded items. The best way to know about your product is to check in seller central under the ‘Restock inventory page’ or the "restock report". Look to see if your product is eligible for shipment creation.
Amazon said that their eligible list is affected by such things as high-demand products, current inventory levels, inventory in transit and I’m sure that it’s in Amazon’s best interest to be fully restored and to allow for every vendor selling full steam. All we can do is exhibit patience and build out our FBM channel including 3PLs. (Don’t forget that ‘Fulfillment by Marknology’ was already the new branch of Marknology since before the Crisis. Just a combination of an astute management team, fortunate timing.)

Good luck. Stay Safe. Plan, plan, plan!

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