Essential Amazon Software for a Competitive Advantage

Essential Amazon Software for a Competitive Advantage

Everyone’s looking for a competitive advantage, especially when it comes to eCommerce, and Amazon businesses, have a great advantage since there are some very productive and powerful seller tools that can be used to take an online business to the next level. 

The world of online retail is always moving, and for any seller to achieve success on the Amazon platform they must constantly adapt to a changing environment. It’s not an easy task to stay ahead of the competition, but sellers can’t afford to become complacent even if everything is currently going smoothly. Staying ahead of the competition is achieved by constantly updating current processes, staying objective, and using a data-driven approach.

ECommerce in 2022 is fiercely competitive, and Amazon seller tools can work to assist during each and every stage of your customer life cycle. Not only will they help grow your business, they’ll also make your life a whole lot easier and less stressful, whether it be sourcing products, providing excellent customer service, or winning the Buy Box.

Let’s look at the best Amazon Seller Tools currently available –

Helium 10

Helium 10 is one of Amazon’s bestseller tools. It’s an eCommerce suite of tools for businesses and entrepreneurs to both manage and sell products, identify trends, streamline advertising campaigns, find keywords, optimize listings, and so much more.

The benefits of Helium 10 include the following

 Sellers can analyze a product’s seasonal demand, discover keyword ranking, view graphs to visualize sales trends, evaluate search volumes for a specific ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), and help with marketing, analytics, inventory management, refunds, and alerts.

Magnet: Magnet is a Helium 10 keyword research tool used by sellers to maximize organic traffic and find the best keywords to rank on Amazon’s results page. With Magnet, merchants can quickly and easily locate the keywords used by their highest-ranking competitors. Keywords can be searched by volume or filtered by the number of words in the search phrase. Sort your keyword list using criteria relevant to your product listing. Filter by search volume, word count, or the number of competing products. 

Black Box: This is a Helium 10 sellers’ tool that’s used to help sellers narrow down their list of potential products to sell. Black Box is one of our favorite product research tools because it reveals new product ideas by streamlining a sellers’ product research. Using smart filters and efficient data management, Black Box analyses product competition, market statistics, and revenue.  It helps the seller focus on a selection of products that are the right fit for their business. Perfect for optimizing titles, these high-ranking keywords are ideal for adding the keyword search terms to your Atomic PPC campaigns. 

With this information, sellers can analyze the average price, search volume, sales volume, and the competition of any product on Amazon, then use this data to optimize product listings. Completing product research that would normally take days takes only a few minutes with Black Box. 

Trendster: Trendster is another Helium 10 sellers’ tool that’s invaluable to sellers on Amazon. Trendster helps sellers spot trends for products, like holiday gifting, seasonal surges, and other categories. Like Google Trends, Trendster allows merchants to check products and keywords and see the trends for individual keywords and keyword phrases in both general searches and Amazon-specific searches. 

With this information at hand, sellers can calculate sales trends on Amazon, determine both short and long-term trends, and gain information on profitable product niches. It’s important that sellers know the best time of year to sell their products; manufacturing processes might need to be adjusted and storage costs must be considered.

Keyword Ranking Tracker: As its name implies, the keyword ranking tracker helps sellers track the ranking of their product keywords. It also helps sellers track their competitors’ listings, which is an ideal way of learning from and eventually outranking competitors. 

Track your competition and see how your SEO strategy compares to theirs. Generate valuable data on the keywords you track, including ranking, ranking trends over time, percentage changes, estimated monthly searches, and a lot more.

 Eliminate the possibility of listing and ranking hijackings by using Helium 10’s alert feature. With this feature, you receive 24/7 listing protection via instant email or SMS alerts should an attempt be made to hijack a listing. Daily screenshots are sent for active listings, and the seller has easy access to reporting templates should the need to report an Amazon hijacking be necessary.

Sellerboard Review.

The benefits of Sellerboard Review include the following – 

No. 1: Profitability Analytics Dashboard. This is the most robust feature of Sellerboard.

  • Profit Tracking. It’s important that sellers have a current and accurate sense of their profitability. Sellerboard tracks a lot of data, so this tool can be used to get a clear and accurate picture of your numbers by simply opening up Sellerboard, checking your Dashboard, and clearly seeing how your Amazon business is progressing. Most data on your Sellerboard is taken directly from Amazon, which means there’s nothing for you to do. Once your account is set up, the data automatically syncs.
  • Restocking Recommendations. Sellerboard can also be used for monitoring your inventory levels and to be notified when more inventory needs to be shipped to an Amazon Fulfillment Centre. This tool is especially useful for Wholesale, Private Label, and Online Arbitrage sellers who have a known lead time for ordering new inventory.
  • Easy-To-View Expenses. Sellerboard’s ‘Expenses’ tab allows sellers to easily view and add business expenses. Adding an expense is as easy as setting it up as a One-Time expense – like purchasing a new printer or signing up for a new course – or a Monthly expense – such as a software subscription.

No. 2: Contact with Customers

Sellerboard’s Autoresponder is the answer to simplifying buyer messaging. Autoresponder automatically generates messages to your customers and note that the sender in the review request email is Amazon, not the seller. The message received by the customer includes a seller feedback form, links to the product review form, and the name and photo of your product, which is a great, ethical way of generating feedback and organic reviews. It’s easy to create multiple email campaigns based on different scenarios (or products) and everything can be automated and customized.

3. Get a Refund

Inventory in the FBA warehouse can be damaged or lost, and this is just an inevitable part of any product-based business. And yes, it happens at Amazon too. Amazon would typically have to either find the lost inventory, or reimburse the seller for same, but when you use Sellerboard’s Money-Back Report you can track all cases of damages, losses, or returns during a specific period, group them together, and ask for these matters to be researched and the money to be reimbursed.

Downstream: by Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout acquired Downstream in March 2021 to provide their customers with a full-funnel view of their Amazon business. This includes new and innovative advertising insights together with pricing, sales, competition, and so much more. Now Jungle Scout customers can improve their business by acting on all available levers. Sellers can identify business drivers, fine-tune their advertising campaigns, and pull-out actionable insights. All eCommerce and Amazon advertising data can be found in one place, so your ad budget becomes more competitive and intelligent. Now sellers can access insights into the competitive landscape, track their positioning in the market, and watch how trends progress in search activity.


SentryKit: SentryKit monitors the state of your Amazon store and analyzes it with artificial intelligence. Once your products are on the market, you need to track their performance. SentryKit does this for you: it’s always on, carrying out the everyday tasks sellers shouldn’t have to. Your products are checked frequently, and problems are caught early. You’ll know when to adjust your keywords and listings, check for hijackers, check your reviews, and so much more. You’ll be notified by desktop or email notification of potential threats and problems like product listing alerts, product review alerts, hijacker and sales alerts, inventory alerts, and listing suspension alerts.


FeedbackFive: An efficient, affordable software tool. FeedbackFive is a tool used by Amazon merchants for tracking, managing, and improving their product and seller reputations. This tool has been around for a long time and is trusted by many thousands of Amazon sellers. FeedbackFive automatically contacts your buyers and requests reviews and feedback on behalf of the seller. This helps sellers get better reviews, limiting the occasional negative rating, and improving a seller’s overall rating on the Amazon marketplace. This type of communication also lets customers know the seller cares about their purchasing experience.  With FeedbackFive, sellers can monitor all their reviews and feedback in one place.

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