Can You Be to Careful of Your Pseudoscience Claims?

Can You Be to Careful of Your Pseudoscience Claims?

I recently read about a skincare product company, in legal jeopardy because of unprovable product claims. This is something that can happen to any Seller if you are not super vigilant. Most of us wouldn’t survive this type of legal action and Amazon is aware of that. So, it’s in our best own interest to take notice of our product descriptions, advertising words and the implication we’re leaving with the consumer. 

Anyone introducing words into the Amazon Sales Channel must be aware of the rules and regulations concerning medical terms. Yes, there are a list of words that violate Amazon’s TOS. (Terms of Service.) Your listing and your account can be shut down if you willingly or ignorantly violate these terms. Words such as Cancer, Gonorrhea, AIDS, Syphilis, Alzheimer, Flu, Tumor & Anti-Bacterial are all on that list. Many other medical words, including their abbreviations, are also listed. You should be aware of these words and avoid them. If not, your decision will come back to harm your enterprise.    

In addition, it’s also dangerous to just make up descriptions and words that stretch the truth. You should always validate whether what you are claiming to be true, is actually true. Just because leading Amazon Brands and Sellers are proclaiming something is true, doesn’t make it true. Research is always in order.  Do your best to validate your advertising claims. False or exaggerated copy, in the current ‘lawsuit-happy’ climate can land you in hot water. 

Protect your reputation and your brand. Only speak the truth, whether vocally or in the written word.  Validate and research as much as you can. Check Amazon for words or terms that violate their TOS.

Do any of your products make exaggerated claims, claim unprovable blessings or promise immeasurable benefits?  Of course not. You are an upright honest citizen. 😊 But what about honest mistakes? Are you quoting from another vendor? Be careful. Go back and scan your listings. Double-check your descriptions. Better to invest some time now that be strung out later.

-Douglas Morgans- 

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