Brand Creatives for Amazon PPC

Brand Creatives for Amazon PPC

Engaging Amazon Shoppers for PPC by Building Brand Creatives

If you’re a brand, be prepared to have the quality of your products judged based on the quality of your creative offerings. It is only by using top-quality assets that Amazon brands can demonstrate their products are high quality while differentiating themselves from their competitors. 


By investing in top-quality assets that work seamlessly across all available regions, placements, and devices, Amazon brands can take every opportunity to position themselves at the forefront of their niche. 



Logos appear differently across multiple devices, so it's essential to ensure your brand is being displayed correctly.

Amazon PPC creatives

1) fill in any available space when uploading logos.
2) Use text that's large and easy to read
3) Apply a white background to keep the logo visible to customers


Brand message


Sellers should make the most out of the content space and treat every text opportunity as a value add.

Amazon creatives for PPC campaigns

1) Use understandable and straightforward phrases
2) Match the tone of your message to your brand
3) Show how unique your brand is
4) Encourage shoppers to learn more about your brand



Showcase the quality of your brand and how your product is useful in everyday life

Amazon PPC creatives
1) Use high-quality images
2) Use lifestyle imagery and graphics
3) Focus your imagery on products and brand
4) Show brand versatility


Offer information to your customers that they can't find in your imagery or text.

Amazon PPC videos
1) Use text that's visible and easy to read
2) Keep text on screen long enough for it to be read
3) Avoid using fade-ins
4)Put in the most important takeaway in the first few seconds
5) Use captions to read shoppers without sound

Keep the following tips in mind as you create creatives for your brand.

Aim for Similar Designs

By minimizing the number of objects featured in your creatives, you can ensure that your products will be easily identified by your target market. Designs that are both simple and uncluttered work best in achieving this aim. Consider research from the Internal Amazon Advertising team in 2019 showing that click-through rates (CTRs) can be increased as much as 2.4 times by keeping the number of objects in a creative to four or less. In this space, it truly is the case that less is more!

 Make Use of Size Variations and Contrast

 Make your products easy to identify by taking simple steps in the composition of your design, such as varying the sizes of objects shown in your creatives and utilizing a strong contrast between the background and items in the foreground. 

 Ensure Concise Messages

 Concise messaging is imperative when communicating the value proposition of your products. A clearer message can be achieved by using as few words as possible in your creatives, which will in turn increase the likelihood of an interaction leading to a purchase. If multiple lines of text are required, ensure that they are broken up into as many small paragraphs as possible and spaced throughout your creative.

How to build brand creatives to engage Amazon shoppers (for PPC)


Shoppers may judge the quality of a brand by the quality of its creatives. Use high-quality assets to demonstrate that your brand is high quality, and to differentiate your brand from products on Amazon. 

As you invest in high-quality assets, remember that Amazon reaches shoppers across many different devices, placements, and regions. It’s important to build assets that work well everywhere. 

1. Keep the Design Simple

Your product should be immediately identified, and the number of objects in the creative should be minimized. Uncluttered, simple design tends to perform better. 

2. Use Contrast and Size Variation

Within the design composition, use a strong contrast between the foreground and the background so the product is easy to identify. Also, vary the size of your objects. 

3. Keep Messages Concise

Use a concise message to explain the value proposition of the product. Using fewer words in an ad can help create a clearer key message and increase the likelihood that it will generate a purchase. In addition, it’s important to break up text into lines of different lengths.

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