All you Need to Know About Amazon Posts

All you Need to Know About Amazon Posts

With the latest tool launched by the retail giant, also known as Amazon Posts,  all eCommerce sellers are wondering if this program might be the next big social media platform they need to step into. 

Could this be true? Is it necessary for you to jump into this new program?

Well, while currently, the platform is in a beta stage - meaning it may not yet include all features and functionality- we do not doubt that it will play a pivotal role not only in the overall shopping experience for customers but also will hugely increase your brand’s visibility.

This is Why

Amazon realized the power of traditional social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook for brand discovery. On these platforms, brands can share unique product-focused content, making it easier for customers to find specific products, engage with a brand and purchase an item.

However, on Amazon, customers who purchase one of your items might have no idea your brand possesses a deep product line, missing the chance to dive into your complete catalog. 

That’s the top reason why Amazon created this new program. So that shoppers can easily learn how to use your products and at the same time are encouraged to browse and learn more about you.

What are the Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts are a browsing and discovering experience for shoppers on Amazon designed to allow brand-registered sellers to share product-related content and lifestyle images via a ‘feed’ that’s very similar to other social media platforms.

Simply put, Amazon Posts allows your brand to draw the attention of potential buyers by sharing your unique story, educating customers, and releasing exciting news about your products. 

What are the Elements of an Amazon Post?

  • Your brand name and logo. It appears at the top of your Post just like a social media username, along with a small image of your logo.
  • Lifestyle image of your product: Photography that shows your product in the context of its setting is a great way to develop your brand identity and elevate the look and feel of your eCommerce site.
  • Remember to keep your images simple and never use white background images.
  • Engaging caption.  Let your caption tell a story about why your products are valuable and unique to the potential customer. 
  • Amazon allows up to 2,200 characters. However, the Post only shows the first two lines by default
  • ASINs for related products: List some ASINs for related products in your product line so that Amazon figures out which category tags they assign to your Post. 

Who is eligible for the Amazon Post Program?

Only brands with an active Amazon store enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, vendors in the U.S, and agencies representing vendors, are eligible for Amazon Posts. 

What are the Benefits of Using Amazon Posts?

  • Boosts Brand Awareness

Amazon Posts acts as a free discovery engine for brands, magnifying their products with rich media creatives and making it easier to stand out on the platform, reinforcing their marketing and advertising strategy. 

  • Customers Follow your Brand

This common feature amongst every social media channel allows customers to stay up to date with the latest content of your brand. Customers just need to click the “follow button” at the top of your Post.

  • Draw Customers Away From Competitors

With the section “Related Posts” customers that end up on your competitor’s lists can scroll down and see your brand featured.

Where Can Customers Find your Amazon Post?

Just as on any other social media platform, as soon as you publish your content, Amazon’s systems will place your Posts on a feed - a custom line-up of your brand’s shoppable Posts- as well as on product detail pages. The program allows browsing customers to scroll through your feed and access your product detail pages via direct links on your Posts.

Also, based on relevance and customer engagement, shoppers can find your content at different points of their purchase process!

Let’s take a look at each of them.

  • Brand’s Product Detail Pages 

Your content will show up as a series of Posts, also called a carousel, with the “swipe-up” option for shoppers to click on it.

It allows you “cross-sell” your brand’s other products to shoppers visiting your listings.

*Source: Tuiniti

  • Category-based Feeds

Once your content is published, Amazon will assign it a relevant category tag. Once  customers click on the tag, they will be redirected to that specific category feed allowing them to explore complementary items. 


*Source: Tuiniti

  • Related Product Feeds

Customers scrolling through a product page carousel will encounter that by clicking on a Post, they will be redirected to the “related product feed” where they can discover more products related to the Post.


*Source: Tuiniti

Time To Start Posting

Don’t miss out on the opportunity Amazon brings to boost your brand discoverability with this exciting blend between eCommerce and social media, and start posting now!

If you don’t know how to start this program and are excited to gain visibility and profits, our team of experts is ready to help you craft your Amazon Posts strategy. 

Click the “Request a Consultation” button below. 

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