All About the Amazon Brand Registry

All About the Amazon Brand Registry

All About the Amazon Brand Registry

The Amazon Brand Registry program gives brand owners more control over their product listings on Amazon. The major benefit that people see with this program is that they have more influence over their product detail pages.


Brooklyn, Director of Client Services

“A lot of people think that the Amazon Brand Registry is the key to the Kingdom . It is really important , but there are so many things that you can do while you are waiting on trying to get a Brand Registry . Such as working on your SEO ,your images ,or your ads or getting good content ahead of time .

We have so many sellers who refuse to even think about next steps until they get a Brand Registry then they end up doing 3 months of planning because they didn't want to think ahead . Or they are just waiting for Brand Registry to be the solution to their problems when they just needed to step back and improve their images or improve their copy ahead of time . It will make a good account great , it won’t make a bad account great”

In this article, we'll look at what you can do with this program, as well as its limitations and why brands are advised to use the program to help protect and promote their brand.

There are two major benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry program that we'll cover here: 

Brand protection and brand enhancement.

Through this program, not only will you be able to protect your brand from infringement, counterfeiting and listings that may damage your reputation, you'll also be able to use storefronts and enhanced listings to improve your product listings.

Brand Protection

If you've worked hard to build your brand, of course you want to prevent others from infringing upon it. Through the Amazon Brand Registry program, you'll gain access to the following tools and resources that will help you protect your brand's identity and reputation.

Global search, image search and bulk ASIN search help you identify and report cases of infringement, inaccurate information and review manipulation.

ASIN number

Investigators who work around the clock to take action on cases, almost always within 24 hours of a report.

Litigation support

Customer protection options

Enhanced Protection

When you are a part of the Amazon Brand Registry program, you'll provide Amazon with some additional information about your brand that they will use to help you monitor and remove bad listings. They'll look for trademarks such as logos and brand names, as well as sellers shipping from a location that you aren't distributing in, to identify listings that are not actually affiliated with your brand.

Report and Search Tools

With the Amazon Brand Registry program, you'll gain the ability to search through many Amazon stores and sellers in one place, using images, such as a product photo, logo or a bulk ASIN search, to identify sellers who may be infringing on your brand. This tool will also walk you through the process of reporting a possible violation. 

In addition to these resources, you'll also have a greater degree of control over your Amazon product detail pages that will be customized with your brand name. This helps customers recognize your brand and know that they're receiving genuine products when they order from those listings.

Brand Enhancement

The Amazon Brand Registry program also gives you access to ways to further enhance your brand recognition and promote your Amazon product listings with the use of sponsored brand advertising, a storefront and enhanced product listings that feature video. All these features will help your products stand out among the competition. Your customers will think of your brand name first instead of only Amazon as the source for the products they enjoy. If you're looking to build a returning customer base, the Amazon Brand Registry program is a must.

Sponsored Brand Advertising

Sponsored brand advertising goes beyond standard Amazon advertising. The Amazon Brand Registry program gives you access to ads that feature your logo, a headline and three product images. It's a great way to promote not only your products but your brand itself.

amazon sponsored ads


Amazon storefronts are one of the best ways to boost your brand's image and recognition. They're essentially a separate mini website with its own header and navigation, footer and main content section that displays products in large tiles. You can have several pages for different product categories to create a great shopping experience.

amazon storefront

amazon storefront

You don't have to know anything about web design to put together a great storefront. Amazon has several templates to choose from. All you must do is choose the one you like and add your product images, brand images and all the text. 

Enhanced Listings with Video

Another great benefit of being part of the Amazon Brand Registry program is that you'll be able to add video to your product listings. One of the downsides of online shopping is not being able to pick up the product, turn it around and really imagine how it would fit into your life. Good product photography helps mitigate that somewhat, but video does an even better job of helping your customers get a feel for your products.

Who is Eligible for the Amazon Brand Registry Program?

The main requirement Amazon sellers must meet to join the Brand Registry program is having an active registered trademark for your brand. Authorized sellers are qualified for the program as well. Many people think this is a new program, but it's actually been around for quite some time. It did change, however, in 2017, when Amazon added their anti-counterfeit tools to the program, seeking to provide advantages for sellers who were in full compliance with their terms.

How to Register Your Brand on Amazon

Registering your brand is relatively straightforward. Here's what you need:

Custom Email Address – you'll need a branded email address in order to sign up for the Amazon Brand Registry. A standard Gmail address (or any other email provider like Yahoo or Hotmail) won't be accepted. Setting up a custom email address is outside the scope of this article but it's very simple to do.

Brand Website - in addition to a custom email address, you'll need your own website. Since you'll need a domain name for the email address, it should be fairly straightforward to set up a website for your brand as well, if you don't already have one.

Branded Product Images – you'll need to provide product images that clearly include your branding on both the product and its packaging. Stickers don't qualify for this purpose.


Veronika, COO

“ Because without good images the brand registry is pointless . Brand registry really comes to a play when you have really good content “



Unique Identifiers – your products will need to have unique identifiers. Generally, people use their UPC, but there are other options for this that Amazon will accept. Amazon must be able to identify your products specifically by an ID number.

Registered Trademark – as mentioned previously, your brand must have a registered trademark to qualify for the program. This can take a long time to process, so plan ahead if you have a target date for launching your storefront.

Here at Marknology, we provide a full-service solution for Amazon sellers. We know all the ways to best leverage your status as a member of the Brand Registry program to help you boost your brand's visibility and retain control of your products and images, increase your profits and build your reputation. We can handle everything from creating great content for your product listings and storefront, to winning you the buy box, removing unauthorized sellers and more.



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