Advertising on Amazon and Facebook Which One Gets the Best Results?

Advertising on Amazon and Facebook Which One Gets the Best Results?


One of the most effective ways for businesses to find new customers and expand their revenue stream is through online advertising. There’s no doubt that the best way for a business to expand its reach is through a well-executed sponsored product, and while online advertising can be overwhelming for newcomers, it doesn’t have to be. Regardless of how big or small your business may be, you too can leverage the power of paid search and social advertising.

Fortunately, we have an advertising choice, because today we’re living in an era where there are many channels available for businesses to promote their products. But while choice is a good thing, it’s not always easy for businesses to determine where their budget should be spent to achieve the very best results.

The question we’re continually being asked is this: “Is it financially advantageous for businesses to advertise on Facebook - or is Amazon the way to go?” It was not so long ago that this wasn’t even a question because it used to be all about Facebook. Facebook was always considered king when it came to sponsored ads; global brands simply changed their traditional methods of advertising to paid social advertising.

Back to the question. What’s the difference between Facebook and Amazon when it comes to advertising?

Facebook vs Amazon – User Behavior and Intent

We need to understand that user behavior and user intent are different on these two platforms simply because Facebook and Amazon are used in very different ways.

Facebook: Facebook is a social media platform, designed specifically for family and friends to connect, as well as to consume news and content and interact with brands. Facebook users are not typically in the market to buy.

Amazon: Amazon is a platform that’s used for purchasing goods. Someone on Amazon has a high purchase intent. 

To Summarize: Facebook is a social network, while Amazon is an online marketplace.

In 2007, Facebook launched its advertising platform. Amazon Advertising (formerly Amazon Marketing Services) launched in 2012, with most of the updates in the past year boosting Amazon’s potential, thus reflecting the dramatic increase in ad spend.

Facebook vs Amazon – Audiences

Facebook: With Facebook, audiences can be custom-built - defined by interest, location, and demographics. Customers can be targeted by importing CMR data; users who have visited your website can be targeted with Facebook pixels, and users who are like your Facebook customers and/or fans can be targeted by building Lookalike audiences.

Amazon: Depending on the ad type, Amazon ads can be targeted towards categories, keywords, and specific products (this includes competitors’ ads).

Facebook’s Ads Greatest Benefits

Perhaps Facebook’s greatest benefit is that it’s the perfect platform for businesses to grow their brand. Facebook advertising can promote awareness of your brand, and your products and services.

Amazon Ads Biggest Benefits

You might get a sale when a Facebook lead comes to your website, but that sale will not affect your listing – it won’t be propelled any further. On the other hand, an Amazon sale increases the power of the algorithm, pushing you higher in ranking, which is why an Amazon sale is worth much more than a sale on your website.

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