3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Amazon Reviews and Boost Sales

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Amazon Reviews and Boost Sales

Online reviews play the biggest role when building brand recognition and increasing conversion rates. Did you know that over 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? They are one of the most decisive factors in people's purchase decisions. 

With thousands of products offered and new brands popping up in the Amazon marketplace, reviews are the proof shoppers are looking for to trust your brand and products. No wonder why 68% of buyers develop an opinion of a product or service after viewing between one to six reviews!

Did we mention that Amazon allows customers to filter the products per average customer review rating?  Online reviews are a surefire way to boost your seller profile or the fastest way for your business to fail on the platform!

As an Amazon seller, earning positive feedback ratings on the platform and increasing your online reviews are necessary strategies to establish your credibility as a merchant. However, Amazon's Community Guidelines have a strict zero-tolerance policy towards any customer review violations. If you are found breaking these rules, your product could be immediately delisted from the platform.

So let’s discuss how you can increase your Amazon reviews to skyrocket your conversion rate while complying with Amazon’s Policies.


1.Employ The Amazon Vine Program 

The Amazon Vine Program is available to all sellers with Amazon brand-registered products that have fewer than 30 reviews. Vine requires sellers to submit 30 units of inventory. Products are received for free by Vine reviewers, who test the product and write a review. This program is similar to previous incentivized review programs which Amazon ultimately banned. The difference is that reviewers are now being vetted by Amazon.

The Amazon Vine Program is quite a unique way for reliable reviewers to share their opinion about products, thereby assisting other customers in making accurate buying decisions. Amazon sellers provide free products to these reviews with a clear understanding that they’ll provide an honest review in return.

2. Take Advantage of Amazon’s “Request  a Review” Button

Use the “Request a Review” button found in Amazon Seller Central on the details page for each buyer order to ask the shopper to leave a product review or seller feedback. 

The message will be sent directly from Amazon to the buyer while fullying complying with Amazon’s complex policies. You will have between 5 to 30 days after the product has been purchased to ask for a product review. However, don’t forget you won’t have any option to contact the seller, ask for a second request for the same order or be able to customize the message.

To request a Review, click on the “Request a Review” button at the top right corner of the page, next to the “Refund Order” button.

3.Use the #1 Rated Feedback Software in the Selling Partner Appstore

FeedbackFive is a 100% compliant feedback software approved by Amazon that automates email campaigns to help sellers manage, track, and increase their feedback and reviews on Amazon. 

 FeedbackFive automatically sends a review request to your customers through Buyer-Seller Messaging templates or the official Amazon Request a Review button to quickly and easily cut the manual process out. 
 FeedbackFive allows you to monitor reviews for your ASINs (unique product identifiers), get alerts for new feedback, exclude orders, and more.

If your purpose is to build a trusted brand that stands out from the competition with reviews, comments, and ratings, we highly recommend using this software designed by eComEngine!

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