Sales Soar: $7,060 to $269,343 with Marknology

Sales Soar: $7,060 to $269,343 with Marknology

From $7,060 to $269,343: Marknology's Game-Changing Sales boost for a Glassware Seller on Amazon

Glassware Seller partnered with Marknology to optimize their online presence and achieve remarkable growth on Amazon. This client, a long-time player in the manufacturing industry, sought to expand their business and sell directly to customers. With the expertise of Marknology, they launched their brand on Amazon over two years ago and experienced exponential growth in a short period.


Before teaming up with Marknology, this vendor had been on Amazon for nearly two years but struggled to generate significant sales. Their previous consultant failed to deliver substantial results. Upon conducting a free account audit, Marknology identified areas for strategy improvement.

Tactics and Results

With Marknology's guidance, the personal safety products vendor witnessed a dramatic shift in their Amazon performance.

  • Previously averaging only a few sales every couple of days, their sales skyrocketed to nearly 20 sales per day within the first week of collaboration.
  • After two months, they reached an impressive average of 50 sales per day.
  • Sales since partnering with Marknology: $269,343
  • Sales before Marknology: $7,060 Sales since partnering with Marknology: $40,846 (within six months)


These success stories demonstrate the transformative impact of partnering with Marknology for Amazon optimization. By leveraging their expertise, businesses in various industries can achieve substantial growth and unlock their full potential in the competitive online marketplace.

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