Social media management

Social media management

Selecting the right social media channels for you

Researching your industry will be the crucial first step we’ll take. Instagram is likely to be a key platform in the solution we devise for you, but whatever social channels you currently have a presence on, we’ll devise a strategy that takes your results to the next level. How? You’ll need to contact us for full details. Suffice to say here, we’ll create inspiring and engaging content that’s in-tune with the latest social media strategies.

Top of your social media platform targets should be Instagram. Ecommerce companies everywhere are seeing the benefits the platform brings when it comes to showcasing products and engaging with the target audience. But, as with all channels, knowing what kind of content to post is key. And that’s where we come in.

Building you brand

Posts with purpose. That’s what we deliver. We’ll ensure everything that appears in your feeds and threads works hard to convey your brand messaging and values. It’s the best way to get your brand out there in front of existing customers and prospects, so your name, your product, and your company ethos becomes known far and wide.

Sales-focused content

Of course, it’s important for your social media content to be entertaining and engaging. But the ultimate goal is sales. And we know how to strike the balance between attracting attention and compelling action through social media content. And our strategy will focus on those of your followers who are the hottest prospects. The ones who just need a little nudge to click ‘buy now’ and convert.

Managing your organic content

Many ecommerce businesses don’t realize that conversions are not all about paid advertising. Your social media pages give you the chance to post sales-focused content for free. This organic content is likely to play a key role in the social strategy we develop for your business.

Pushing your paid content

We’ll ensure your paid advertising on social media complements your organic content and generates the kind of ROI that proves how powerfully social media works for ecommerce businesses.