Account Management

Marknology is here to simplify the complexities of navigating both Seller and Vendor Central. Performing small tasks, mass-product projects with the use of specialized Amazon templates, and case management which must be attended to daily until a resolution is found. We've seen everything from curse words, alternate languages, and completely misconstrued products that can halt sellers and vendors for months at a time. With the knowledge of 1000's of cases opened; we are ready to make Amazon work for you.

  • Amazon account set-up
  • Amazon case management
  • Brand issues
  • Product listing issues
  • Sales and traffic reporting
  • Overall strategy to drive the account forward and gain results
  • Day to Day Upkeep
  • Shipment Assistance for FBA & Merchant Fulfilled Products
  • Returns
  • Feedback Programs
  • Unfulfillable or Damaged Inventory Management
  • Copy Uploads, Changes, & Cases on an Individual Scale or in Mass
  • Image & Video Uploads where Applicable
  • Edit Detail Page Management
  • Crisis Management: Some things move slow on Amazon, but when you need to act quickly, we're ready to respond with the knowledge you need in a pinch.
  • Advice/ Guidance on writing Appeals for all of Amazon's red tape
  • Suspension Prevention and Resttion